Apple Watch Series 4 review

Shahriar Siam

The Apple Watch 4 is as yet a powerful smartwatch, with a redesigned plan and show alongside another ECG sensor to follow a client's pulse, making one of the most wanted watches on the planet much progressively alluring.

The bigger screen and increasingly adjusted edges are a lot more pleasant to take a gander at and offer greater usefulness, and it likewise includes some additional highlights too that are intended for the individuals who are somewhat more powerless or endure certain wellbeing conditions.

At the point when it was discharged, the Apple Watch 4 was one of (if not the) best smartwatch around.

Be that as it may, since the Apple Watch 5 has been presented close by the iPhone 11, you may ponder which is generally appropriate for you. You can look at our Apple Watch 5 versus Apple Watch 4 examination piece to choose for yourself.


Apple Watch 4 price and release date

The Apple Watch 4 is accessible in four variations: 40mm and 44mm sizes, and with or without LTE. You can get it now in pretty much every nation around the globe. It turned out in September 2018 on a similar day as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Remember that Apple no longer sells the Apple Watch 4 through its online retail facade, yet you can in any case get it somewhere else on the web.

At dispatch, the GPS-just form began at $399/£399/AU$599 for the littlest rendition, and $429/£429/AU$649 for the bigger one 44mm one. You would now be able to discover it for less, yet there's not a tremendous markdown.

The cell choice beginnings at $499/£499/AU$749 for the 40mm and $529/£529/AU$799 for the bigger watch. In case you're searching for an agreement with the LTE watch, you'll be taking a gander at transporters AT&T, Verizon, C Spire, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile in the US.

In case you're in the UK, EE offers bargains for the LTE rendition of the watch as it accomplished for the Apple Watch 3, and now both Vodafone and O2 host consolidated the get by offering an information association as well. Those in Australia can discover it on Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.

Key features

The Apple Watch 4's key component is actually its structure - we state that on the grounds that while the additional medical advantages are something that are commendable and truly make this an appealing gadget for those needing them, the pool of individuals this is pertinent to is littler than simply those searching for another watch.

Another significant update is the electro-cardiogram highlight (ECG) that has so far just been empowered in select nations, including the US and the UK.

We've yet to test it out ourselves - we plan to soon - notwithstanding, we had the option to see it in real life during our showing from Apple, where you have to initiate the application on the telephone and afterward hold the Digital Crown down to finish the electrical circuit in your body.


This lets out a lot of information from the ECG to your Health application on the iPhone, which can be sent out as a PDF and give data on beat to a doctor, in addition to you're ready to compose notes to contextualize what was occurring simultaneously.

The other thing we couldn't generally test was the new fall recognition, as you need to go down a specific way and stay there for some time to actuate the component.

We tried to fall, yet it was getting a touch of humiliating and maybe we have to submit more diligently to the testing - we'll refresh the audit on the off chance that we get more valiant in the coming months.

Notwithstanding, one thing that worried us a little about this element is battery life - while it's extraordinary to see that fall discovery exists, and will be set up naturally for those more than 65, the way that you truly need to charge the Watch once a day will be more enthusiastically to recollect for certain clients and that could mean their wellbeing cover (or for those that purchased the Watch 4 in any case to defend a friend or family member) is excess if the Watch has no force.

There's likewise a lot of pulse notices, including one that is paying special mind to atrial fibrillation (AF), which means you'll get a spring up if anything looks crude with your heart concerning this condition, which could prompt perilous complexities.

The Watch 4 likewise accompanies a ready framework if your pulse goes excessively low or high: should your pulse spike or fall hard for reasons unknown for a long enough period (around 10 minutes) you'll get an alarm disclosing to all of you isn't well, and perhaps you should see a doctor.

We have a somewhat low pulse from customary running preparing, and the update pinged in every once in a while to reference to us that the pulse testing was working.

The other key overhauls past the plan, which we'll get onto in a moment, are increasingly covered up in the core of the Apple Watch 4 - there are sweet contacts like a (for all intents and purposes) clicking Digital Crown that feels like it's timing through records on the wrist. It even makes a slight clamor, and the entire framework is extraordinarily satisfying.

Raising your wrist to your mouth so as to have that discussion with a companion feels like a genuine Dick Tracy second - it feels incompletely strange, yet in addition very fun - and gratitude to the improved speaker and amplifier position (presently isolated left and right), a lot simpler to utilize.

We additionally recalled that we needed to state 'Over' toward the finish of sentence, in case the wireless transmissions get stopped up with individuals just arbitrarily rabbiting on. Alright, no one needs to state that, yet it sorts of shows that the retro vibe is there and is something we need to completely engage with.

The different watchOS 5 upgrades are actually rather minor -, for example, more extravagant warnings or climate information that incorporates things like the UV list or air quality outside. In any case, as the Watch does not exactly your all-singing cell phone, it's a lot simpler to see these little changes.

The most recent enormous programming move up to authoritatively land is watchOS 5.1.2 that brought the ECG highlight to those in the US in addition to a couple of other minor updates. The most recent programming update is presently watchOS 5.3, however it's soon we'll find out about significantly more.

Design and screen

In case you're going to see something about this watch however, it's that it looks bloomin' changed. Maybe not to somebody who has never observed an Apple Watch, yet to the individuals who have will immediately observe that the screen is greater - 30% greater, truth be told.

While it's not even close to edge-to-edge as some are proposing it seems to be, it's surely much bigger and progressively adjusted, giving the impression of a rounder watch without losing the advantage of a square presentation.

The general undercarriage is more slender as well - not observably so over past models, yet the weight is insignificant on the wrist and truly is difficult to see here and there - this is certifiably not a profound advanced watch.

The Digital Crown and force/performing various tasks button on the Watch 4 have been improved too - we've discussed the previous component as of now in this audit, yet the force button additionally feels like it has an increasingly premium snap when pushed in.

The rear of the Apple Watch 4 has been updated - as yet utilizing the fired material to let the radio sign through, it's been joined with sapphire glass to permit position of the radio recieving wire around the edge of the watch, along these lines making it simpler to give signal access without your wrist veiling the recurrence.

It glances progressively bulbous in truth, but since it's delicately bended and more extensive, it's not something you feel on the wrist when wearing.

Returning to the screen, and we're truly dazzled with how Apple's figured out how to fit a great deal more into the gadget. Certainly, the sizes are 40mm and 44mm, which is somewhat bigger than the 38mm and 42mm choices beforehand, yet the expansion in screen land is something really helpful.

That, yet as referenced: Apple has some way or another figured out how to make a square look progressively round. Some tappable alternatives at the base of the showcase are adjusted at the corners, making everything look more round.

That additional screen land has took into account some new watch appearances to be made - in particular the infograph show that contains eight intricacies based on your personal preference. It's brilliant for sure on the OLED screen Apple is utilizing here, and having the option to pick such a large number of various choices to tap is great.

We do wish that Apple would offer increasingly advanced checks in its watch faces, as it adores the simple hands in its new set-up of alternatives - and we absolutely can't comprehend why there's no outsider store for designers to make their own countenances.

Here you can see a display of the new watch faces Apple is offering, with the essential choices like fume, fire and water all made utilizing a fast camera, and the outcomes do look progressively powerful therefore.

These will be accessible on the Apple Watch 3 and lower, however will be a hover as opposed to the full presentation you're seeing here.

Back to the plan and the speaker position is positively better - on the privilege and away from the receiver, that is in a split second going to prompt better sound reaction.

Nonetheless, while we could for the most part be heard OK, when utilizing the Apple Watch to make and get voice calls you truly must be in a tranquil situation to make that half stronger speaker truly work.

When asking Siri to set a clock in a quieted kitchen, she boomed out 'SURE, TEN MINUTES AND COUNTING' and we were at first dazzled with the volume.

Nonetheless, asking Siri to make a bring in the vehicle was certainly not a valuable encounter - even a bit of surrounding clamor made it difficult to hear the individual on the opposite end, and that made the element disputable.

We even had a couple of issues with Siri toward the beginning of our looking into period, when the Watch would hear our order yet choose to not make any move - yet this was comprehended when re-matching the Watch 4 to our telephone.

As a matter of fact, we state 'fathomed', yet like before with different models there were minutes when it would at present hang for reasons unknown when requested to do straightforward things like check the climate.

The last idea on the structure component is that it's incredible to see that the old watch lashes - intended for littler assemblages of watch - are as yet going to fit the new range, in this manner sparing an entire set-up of ties available from going to squander.

Music and podcasts

Having music originating from your wrist is a flat out dream when you're working out, as the requirement for a cumbersome telephone is cleaned away.

Spotify may be the music administration of decision for some, yet on the off chance that you're more into Apple Music, at that point you'll truly get a kick out of the Watch 4. With 16GB of locally available capacity, you can throw heaps of melodies in there, and play them all from your arm by means of Bluetooth earphones.

Siri is truly convenient at helping you call up playlists in a hurry, tuning into Beats radio or playing a few tunes dependent on the state of mind you're in - regardless of whether that is exercise music or something increasingly engaged to enable you to focus.

Apple additionally shrewdly makes the primary thing you see when playing music - either from your telephone or on the watch - the Now Playing screen, so you've generally got simple access to your tune control.

With WatchOS 5, Podcasts are at last bolstered, and similar to somewhat lighter on the capacity you can download reams of the most recent stuff and it'll move unobtrusively to your gadget to be played back at your relaxation.

Indeed, we arranged it (the issue of having more than one Apple Watch recently matched was the reason).

Be that as it may, it featured a major issue you'll have utilizing the Apple Watch 4 when away from the iPhone: it's extremely difficult to check whether melodies or web recordings have matched up across appropriately.

For example, we took a gander at the capacity and it said that we had 2.2GB of melodies in there. This was right, as we'd asked the Watch, which ought to have 16GB of installed stockpiling, to download heaps of playlists when it was associated with power for the time being.

We went out with music playing over a couple of Bluetooth earphones - phenomenal stuff, no concerns with that. After two melodies, in any case, the Watch wouldn't play any more and just advised us to associate with the web.

Back at the farm, we attempted to get things to match up, however in spite of having all the playlists affirmed and the Watch 4 on power, it despite everything didn't work. But… two melodies had by one way or another made it over, out of a solicitation of thousands.

Something very similar occurred with the digital broadcasts - set off with the sound playing and after 10 minutes it cut out. There's no unmistakable and evident method of knowing whether a tune or digital broadcast has made it onto the Watch, shy of opening the application (where you need to interface Bluetooth earphones to enter the music application, irritatingly you can't play it through the stronger speaker) to see which tunes have really downloaded.

Be that as it may, this is effortlessly corrected - as we stated, when we unpaired the telephone and watch and afterward re-associated them, melodies began to stream across - yet not every one of them, notwithstanding leaving the Watch on power by the gadget. It's simply excessively hard and delayed of a procedure to be OK with.

Typically we'd state this isn't quite a bit of an issue, yet we're presently in reality as we know it where numerous individuals will be considering the To be 4 as the second smartwatch they've purchased from Apple, and they'll be hoping for something else from the gadget.

The other alternative for tuning in to music or digital broadcasts is to utilize the LTE information association when matched with a telephone running a system that supports Watch information (you can see subtleties of those that are upheld in the UK and US in the area on the first page of this survey).

We haven't had the option to test the information association on our Watch 4 at this time, however we'll be refreshing this audit in the coming days to mirror this usefulness. Notwithstanding, we're guaranteed that it's equivalent to on the Watch 3 from a year ago, and we found that the information was a superb method to tune in to music in a hurry on the off chance that you can't be tried to synchronize it over.

You'll for the most part be associated with your telephone, so battery life on LTE will once in a while be a concern and to a greater degree an 'ideal to have' include inside the gadget.


Product Dimensions 11.58 x 3 x 2.22 inches
Item Weight 1.1 pounds
Item model number MU6D2LL/A
Batteries 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Wireless Communication Technology Cellular
Connectivity Technology GPS
Display Technology OLED
Color Space Gray Aluminum Case
Pros Cons
Bigger, higher-resolution displays Lacks sleep tracking, commonplace in other wearables
Compatible with all old Apple Watch bands Still no always-on clock
Increasingly advanced health and fitness tracking Super pricey
Walkie Talkie app is awesome


Apple obviously accepts smartwatches are setting down deep roots - the Watch 4 absolutely demonstrates that. The structure alone is a major update, with the screen offering undeniably greater perceivability, and keeping in mind that the medical advantages are just going to help a subset of clients, they're welcome and show the course Apple is going. In the event that it would be wise to battery life, and along these lines was better ready to follow rest, the Watch 4 could have been the ideal smartwatch.