Armani Exchange Men's Touchscreen Connected Smartwatch Full Review

Shahriar Siam

First up, you shouldn't confound this Armani Exchange Connected with the Emporio Armani Connected (2018).

They are both in vogue smartwatches with the acclaimed Armani name and Wear OS working framework - and they likewise share a significant number of similar highlights - however the plan of their equipment and watch faces is very unique.

With that cleared up, we should begin on the Armani Exchange Connected. The watch has a 48mm hardened steel case, making it bigger than the normal men's watch size of around 42mm.

Part of the Fossil Group, Armani Exchange offers the Connected in gold, silver, beat up, all with a metal case and coordinating and movable connection lash with standard 22mm carries.

The Connected has all the highlights you would anticipate from a smartwatch sold in 2019. These incorporate GPS for following outside runs without requiring your cell phone with you, water protection from 50 meters so you can wear it while swimming, a pulse screen for utilizing it with Google Fit, and NFC for making contactless installments through Google Pay.

Package Dimensions 4.09 x 3.98 x 3.62 inches; 15.34 Ounces
Item model number AXT2007
Department Mens
Batteries 1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)
Manufacturer Armani Exchange
Display Type Touchscreen
Water pressure resistance 30 bar

Price & Release Date

Coming in at £279/$295 (generally AU$420), the Armani Exchange Connected is valued serenely beneath the £399/$399/AU$599 Apple Watch 4, and inquisitively it is likewise less expensive than the Emporio Armani Connected (2018), which is fundamentally a similar gadget in a marginally extraordinary case.

For a smartwatch with a decent scope of highlights, an appealing and all around made plan - and from a brand like Armani Exchange - the cost of the Connected feels about right.

Expected purchasers of this watch will probably have spent (or possibly thought about spending) a comparative sum on non-keen watches from Armani Exchange, so the cost here appears to be consistent.

All things considered, more well informed purchasers may be put off by the watch's maturing Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset - a greater amount of which later - and its mediocre battery life.

Display & Design

We think the Armani Exchange Connected is an extraordinary looking smartwatch. Its 48mm case may shout out putting to certain purchasers, however whenever you have taken out a couple of connections from the metal lash, the watch fits well and doesn't feel excessively stout, even on slimmer wrists.

It likewise doesn't watch excessively strange. Only a couple years back, wearing a smartwatch of this size caused immeasurably a lot to notice itself, and not generally in a positive way. Be that as it may, presently, maybe helped by a developing pattern for bigger watches for the most part, we immediately became accustomed to the Exchange and anticipated putting it on every morning.

Obviously, the Armani Exchange's exemplary watch configuration helps here. Rather than adopting the Apple strategy of dispatching a smartwatch which resembles a combination of a watch and a device, the Connected looks precisely like a typical watch - yet one with a touchscreen.

On the off chance that you settle on one of the more customary watch faces, at that point empower the consistently in plain view (where the time is indicated throughout the day, rather than the screen going clear following a couple of moments) the Connected resembles an ordinary watch from the outset.

Innovation sweethearts probably won't think about this, yet the purpose of design watches like these is generally to acquaint new clients with possessing a smartwatch; they probably don't need a device from Apple or Samsung on their wrist however are eager to attempt one made by a style brand they as of now trust, and maybe as of now purchase from.

At 12mm, the treated steel case isn't excessively stout, and highlights two catches at two and four o'clock, in addition to a turning and interactive crown at three o'clock.

Specifications, Features, Interface & Performance

Likewise with other Wear OS smartwatches running the three-year-old Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, our initial introductions of the Armani's presentation were not incredible.

When combined with the Wear OS cell phone application (accessible for iOS or Android), the watch staggers its way through a short instructional exercise with the style of a giraffe on roller skates. The interface stammers, stops, and has minutes where it is totally clear.

The arrangement cycle is brief, and numerous proprietors will just ever do this once. Yet, this is your absolute first cooperation with another buy; it should be consistent and welcoming, not jolting.

Fortunately, when the watch has been set up its presentation improves. The rich perfection of the Apple Watch 4 is missing, however the Armani Exchange purchaser has an extra $105/£120 in their pocket, which feels like a reasonable trade off.

We can't put the fault totally on Armani Exchange for the watch's absence of execution. The Snapdragon chipset is jumping on a piece, and Google's Wear OS is long past due a significant overhaul.

Likewise with other design smartwatches, the Connected has a decent scope of watch countenances to pick from, and each is intensely adaptable. Some permit you to switch the shade of up to nine distinct components to make something genuinely one of a kind. These countenances would then be able to be spared in custom classes, open through a press of the catch at two o'clock.

Swiping up from the home screen (your present watch face) shows a rundown of late warnings from your cell phone, which can be looked with a swipe or by pivoting the crown. Swiping down raises the snappy settings board for changing screen brilliance, turning on plane and low battery modes, and actuating Google Pay.

It's anything but difficult to scrutinize Wear OS for lingering behind Apple's watchOS and Tizen (utilized by Samsung), yet we feel design watches like this are probably going to be communicated with not exactly those from innovation organizations.

We can see Armani Connected purchasers setting the watch up, picking which notices they need to come through, perhaps monitoring their day by day step check occasionally, and leaving it at that.

This is a watch to essentially look great and remind the wearer they are an Armani-wearing kind of individual, thus we don't see purchasers being too hung up on applications being somewhat delayed to open. The individuals who need a more great tech experience ought to think about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

All that stated, when the watch is set up it performs acceptably, with notices coming through from your telephone, and Google Fit monitoring your strolling, running, pulse and exercise.

NFC is a welcome expansion, which means you can make contactless installments utilizing Google Pay. When set up with your bank card, simply swipe down from the watch face and tap on the Pay symbol, at that point tap your watch against the card peruser.


The plan of the Armani Exchange Connected loans itself well to being a wellness cordial wearable. Where some style watches would watch strange in the rec center, or worn close by your running stuff, this one feels comfortable on the treadmill and during supper.

Coordinated GPS implies you can follow the area, separation and rise changes of outside runs without requiring your cell phone with you; it's a welcome element, particularly on a design smartwatch at this value point.

Additionally welcome is the pulse screen, which takes various readings for the duration of the day and night, at that point plots these on an outline which is distinguishable both on the watch and the cell phone friend application. On the off chance that you open the Google Fit watch application and reveal to it you're working out, the pulse screen will record continually until you finish your meeting.

The principle focal point of Google Fit is to close two rings; one called move minutes and the other called heart focuses. The previous increments as you move for the duration of the day, and the last acquires focuses when you raise your pulse through exercise.

Delve further into the Google Fit application, and you will locate an enormous rundown of sports and activities which the watch can follow. There is everything from heart stimulating exercise and American football, to boxing, cricket, golf, climbing, paddling, skiing and that's just the beginning.

How precisely the watch tracks each game is maybe easy to refute, yet we like that whatever game you're into, the Fit application presumably has the correct alternative for you.

Google Fit likewise incorporates reflection and yoga following, and a guided breathing application, which strolls you through two minutes of controlled relaxing.


Rest following isn't offered on this watch of course, however there are a lot of authority applications to pick from on the Play Store. All things considered, on the off chance that you wear the watch the entire day, at that point track eight hours of rest, the battery will require a top-up prior to getting a lot further during that time day.

Battery Life

An overall general guideline with smartwatches is that their battery life falls somewhat shy of the producer's case. This is likewise valid for the Armani Exchange Connected, with the creator asserting as long as two days, however reality fixing this somewhere in the range of 24 and 36 hours.

Likewise with different smartwatches, there are a ton of factors to mull over. Empowering the consistently on time work (off as a matter of course) cuts battery life, thus also does leaving GPS turned on, having the pulse screen take readings routinely for the duration of the day, and requesting the watch to make you aware of notices from all from your applications.

Best practice here is to pare things back. You needn't bother with steady warnings on your wrist about Instagram likes, so switch those off and ask the watch to just make you aware of the fundamentals - calls, text/WhatsApp, and perhaps forthcoming occasions in your schedule.

That way, the battery endures longer, and you won't get disappointed by a torrent of warnings humming your wrist throughout the day.

Regardless, the attractive contactless charger makes it simple to dock the watch every night, or in the event that you like to follow your rest, at that point a top up while you shower or sit at your work area should be bounty until the following day.

We developed to like the Armani Exchange Connected more than we suspected we would. Its huge size before long liquefied away as we discovered the tie to be agreeable and the weight no genuine weight.

Aiding here is the means by which the Connected has the tasteful of an ordinary watch, so stays inconspicuous in spite of its size and doesn't yell about its sagacity.

Armani Exchange has incorporated a decent scope of wellness highlights - GPS, a pulse screen, Google Fit and water opposition - making the Connected something of an all-rounder. We can see many individuals getting this as their initial invasion into the smartwatch world and being content with it.


Pros Cons

Looks great and fits well

Occasionally sluggish performance

Premium feel for the price

Battery life closer to one day than two

Heart rate monitor, NFC and GPS

May be too large for some


The Armani Exchange Connected is an expert of numerous exchanges, by looking as at home in the exercise center as it does in the meeting room. It packs a wide scope of highlights - including GPS, NFC and a pulse screen - and encases them in a traditionally appealing bundle that will suit most wrists. Execution from the dated chipset can be an issue, yet not really a major issue.