Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker Smartwatch Review

Shahriar Siam

The Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the organization's most cultivated gadgets yet offering the best wellness following experience the organization offers in a band structure.

Fitbit reported the Charge 3 in August 2018, and it stays a standout amongst other Fitbits around in spite of fresher items like the Fitbit Inspire HR being presented.

It has now been supplanted by the Fitbit Charge 4, which includes on-board GPS (an element lacking from the Charge 3), however yet in case you're explicitly after a wellness tracker with that Fitbit marking this might be what you're searching at – especially now costs have dropped altogether.

The Fitbit Charge 3 offers an assortment of activity following modes alongside rest and pulse observing in a more lightweight structure than the Fitbit Charge 2. It additionally sports a greater screen, in addition to it's waterproof as well.


Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Fitbit
Model number FB409GMBK
Part Number FB409GMBK
Band Color Black / Graphite Aluminum
Dial color Black / Graphite Aluminum
Item weight 1.76 Ounces

Fitbit Charge 3 price and published date

You can purchase the Fitbit Charge 3 from Fitbit itself or an assortment of other outsider retailers. Value savvy, the Charge 3 propelled at £129.99/$149.95/AU$229.95, which was precisely the same as the first rundown cost of the Fitbit Charge 2 at dispatch.

The Special Edition Charge 3 cost some extra at £149.99/$169.95/AU$269.95. Those costs presently change a little as the Fitbit Charge 3 has been out for a year or thereabouts, however it's exceptionally uncommon that you'll see the value dip under £100/$120/AU$200.

The wellness tracker accompanies some various groups relying upon which rendition you decide on. It's important on the off chance that you live in Australia all renditions of the Fitbit Charge 3 have Fitbit Pay support, however those in the US and UK should decide on the Special Edition to have the option to utilize the installment administration.

You have the decision of a woven material in purple with a rose gold case, or a punctured white game band with a graphite case on the off chance that you select the 'Exceptional Edition' gadget, while the standard Charge 3 accompanies a dark great band and a graphite case or a blue dim exemplary band with a rose gold case.

In the event that you pick the unique version of the Charge 3 you'll likewise get an additional dark great tie tossed in, yet whichever tracker you pick you can likewise purchase various ties independently.

There are great groups from £19.99/$29.95/AU$49.95, sports groups from £24.99/$29.95/AU$49.95 and Horween Leather Bands from an eye-watering £59.99/$49.95/AU$69.95.

Design and display

The Fitbit Charge 3 has the equivalent rectangular screen and band configuration as observed on its ancestor, the Charge 2, however the plan has been refined and changed to some degree.

Right off the bat, the Fitbit Charge 3 is more slender, so it looks somewhat less stout on your wrist. It's a lot lighter as well, as it's produced using aluminum rather than hardened steel, which the Fitbit Charge 2's body was clad in. This makes the new gadget 20% lighter, and you can truly feel the distinction here. It likewise feels significantly more agreeable thus.

One thing to note anyway is that there aren't any pressable catches on the Charge 3. That is on the grounds that this one has a full touchscreen as opposed to the tap-to-cycle screen we saw on the Charge 2, which means you'll do a large portion of your exploring around its highlights with your finger on the showcase. (On the Fitbit Charge 2 you could just tap it to switch what was showing).

Be that as it may, joining this usefulness is an inductive catch on the left-hand edge of the tracker which you can use to wake the gadget or return a screen. It will give you a little material vibration input to tell you it's working.

We found that utilizing this catch can take some becoming acclimated to, as the usefulness isn't so clear from the outset.

There's a skill to the manner in which you should hit it with the goal for it to react well to your tap, else you'll wind up tapping endlessly forcefully until it perceives your press (as we did from the start). When you have the talent be that as it may, it works rather well and ends up being a nippy method to explore the tracker.

On the underside, the PurePulse pulse screen remains however it's currently joined by a SpO2 Pulse oximetry sensor. This makes the general completion a lot rounder, and along these lines more agreeable on the wrist.

Another new update presented on the Fitbit Charge 3 is the lash structure. Instead of the stout metal clasps seen on the Charge 2, there is currently only a minuscule dark catch which launches the lash when pushed (as observed on the Ionic for instance), permitting you to effectively change the ties.

One thing we will include is that the plastic tie that comes packaged with the standard release feels somewhat modest. A silicone lash (that you don't need to fork out for also after buy) would have improved things greatly. By the by, the tie feels great, and contrasted with numerous different wellness trackers this is much simpler to wear for the duration of the day.

The greatest distinction on the Charge 3, however, is the screen, which is 40% bigger than the presentation of the Charge 2. It's despite everything highly contrasting, however it has likewise had somewhat of a goal help just as being an appropriate touchscreen as we referenced before.

While it's in no way, shape or form fair and square of that seen on the Versa or Ionic, the screen carries out its responsibility and can show data unmistakably regardless of its little size - even in brilliant conditions. Its monochrome appearance is somewhat miserable to take a gander at, particularly when you contrast it with the Versa's, however it guarantees battery use is kept to a base.

Another large change in the third era of the Charge is its waterproofing. The Charge 2 was just 'water-safe', which means it could deal with a couple of sprinkles while you did the cleaning up, or sweat while working out.

Notwithstanding, this time around Fitbit has guaranteed the Charge 3 can follow your swimming. Despite the fact that note this is just pool swimming and not untamed water swimming. More on that later.

Performance, fitness and features

The Charge 3 is most likely the nearest Fitbit has come to combining its smartwatches with the more essential movement tracker gadgets it's known for. This is on the grounds that it has been given a remarkable redesign over the Fitbit Charge 2, which was really essential when it came to savvy usefulness.

Take for example how the gadget would now be able to give you better warnings from the entirety of the outsider applications on your telephone, something that the Charge 2 couldn't as it was just equipped for making you aware of calls and instant messages. It likewise has a decent number of other new highlights ready, for example, clocks and climate.

With a screen this size, it's not really astounding that you can't download applications to the Charge 3 like you can with the Fitbit Ionic or Fitbit Versa, yet Fitbit guarantees that later in the year you'll have the option to acknowledge or dismiss calls from the gadget.

While we're regarding the matter of guarantees, Fitbit says an up and coming update to the Android application implies clients will likewise have the option to do snappy answers to your messages from the Charge 3.

This will just permit you to answer to texts with an essential, predefined reaction, for example, "sorry I can't talk at the present time" yet at the same time, we surmise that is superior to nothing.

All the general multi-sport wellness following highlights you'd anticipate from a Fitbit action tracker are accessible on the Charge 3, including the old top picks seen on the Charge 2, for example, all day, every day pulse following, exercises, and guided relaxing for unwinding, just as some new increases, for example, swim following.

Other than swimming, the Charge 3 offers the capacity to follow open air running, treadmill running, strolling and weight preparing, just as bicycle and span exercises, as observed on the Charge 2.

As far as we can tell, all wellness following highlights worked quite well, which is the thing that we've generally expected from Fitbit throughout the years. Similarly as with the gadget's ancestor, the Charge 3 tracks your activity naturally, so you don't need to begin meetings physically.

In the event that you begin running, for instance, it will distinguish this and start checking. It likewise lets you start at that point stop an exercise without completion a meeting.

Nonetheless, one drawback is that there isn't any devoted GPS on this tracker. It's a disgrace, particularly for sprinters, and considerably more so considering there are less expensive items available which are equipped for following your area without your telephone.

In any case, the Charge 3 has associated GPS, so it will at any rate work with your telephone's GPS to follow the separation voyaged. So you'll despite everything have the option to watch out for your separation, you'll simply need to take your telephone out for a run with you.

You can interface with your telephone's GPS effectively through the Fitbit application, which we'll go into independently, later.

A late 2018 update additionally carried with it auto running following which implies the band will see when you're running and respite when you've halted. We've yet to appropriately give the component a shot, however we intend to do unexpectedly early.

While it's not something we had the option to test in our audit at this stage, female wellbeing following is presently on the wrist as well, so you'll have the option to utilize the Fitbit Charge 3 to follow your next period.

In the event that you've purchased the Special Edition adaptation of the Fitbit Charge 3 in the US or UK, you'll get Fitbit Pay also like we've seen on the Fitbit Ionic and Versa. We've yet to utilize the Special Edition tracker, however we've discovered it to function admirably on those Fitbit watches.

In Australia, all forms of the Fitbit Charge 3 accompany Fitbit Pay locally available. Precisely why Fitbit doesn't offer that in the UK and US is presently hazy, yet it's not all substantially more to spend in case you're edgy for the element.

Sleep tracking

Rest following makes an arrival on the Fitbit Charge 3, giving you a brief look into your night with subtleties on REM, light and profound rest.

We found the wearable feels sufficiently great while resting, however we would not generally like to wear it to bed, as Fitbit recommends you should.

Likewise with any rest following tech, you never genuinely realize how well it has followed you, however what the Charge 3 recorded for us appeared to be about right.

There's likewise a quiet caution mode, which vibrates the tracker on your wrist to tenderly wake you without upsetting any other individual close by. It's a decent thought yet we don't know whether it will be such valuable for overwhelming sleepers.

Battery life

Fitbit gauges the battery life for the Charge 3 goes on for seven days as opposed to the cited season of five on the past Charge 2 wearable. We discovered we didn't exactly hit that mark, yet we were utilizing the gadget pretty seriously for our tests.

Be that as it may, we figure in case you're not continually utilizing the wellness following and savvy includes more than once every day, you'll have the option to draw near to the seven days evaluated time on a solitary charge.

On normal we found that we got around six days of utilization from our completely energized Charge 3, which isn't too terrible, as it implies you'd just revive the gadget once every week, essentially.

In the container, you'll discover the Fitbit Charge 3 comes packaged with an exclusive charger. We would have favored it utilized a more standard smaller scale USB or USB-C association charger, as usually it would run out when we didn't have the charger to hand.

Another issue is finding a decent an ideal opportunity to charge the gadget. The conspicuous opportunity to charge a wearable or telephone is for the time being, however on the off chance that you need to wear the Charge 3 to bed to follow your rest then you won't have the option to do that. So you'll need to discover some time when you would prefer not to follow anything so you can really re-juice it.

Fortunately, the Charge 3 shows life rate on the gadget, with the goal that a soon-to-exhaust battery doesn't shock you. This choice may be entirely standard now, yet when the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR were first delivered, they did exclude such an element.


Pros Cons
Large screen No onboard GPS
Light design Monochrome screen
Completely waterproof Proprietary charger


While its list of capabilities isn't comparable to state that of its more established sibling, the Fitbit Versa, the Fitbit Charge 3 offers a large number of similar highlights just in a more smaller and lightweight plan that is in no way, shape or form notably lovely yet at the same time looks like it.