Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker Smartwatch Review

Shahriar Siam

The Fitbit Charge 4 may look practically indistinguishable from its forerunner, however it has two significant new highlights that assist it with overcoming any issues between brilliant watches and wellness trackers, and permits you to leave your telephone at home on runs and strolls: worked in GPS, Spotify backing and Fitbit Pay.

The Fitbit Charge 4 showed up on 15 April 2020, estimated at $149.95/£129.99/AU$229.95/AED 699 – equivalent to the Fitbit Charge 3 at dispatch. That is really great – we'd foreseen a more significant expense in return for the Charge 4's further developed highlights. It's significantly more affordable than the Fitbit Versa 2, which offers Alexa availability for voice orders (something the Charge 4 need), yet offers neither GPS nor a music application.

These highlights, joined with the Fitbit Charge 4's brilliant exercise following, light weight, throughout the day pulse observing and rest following, settle on it our new decision for the best Fitbit you can purchase today.


Available Colors Black, Rosewood, Storm Blue/Black, Granite Reflective Woven
Battery Life Up to 7 days
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
IP Rating Water resistant to 50 meters
Operating Temperature -4° to 140° F
Size 1.4in l x 0.9in w x 0.5in h


The Fitbit Charge 4 is thin, estimating 35.8mm x 22.7mm x 12.5mm, thus light you'll effectively overlook you're wearing it – a genuine in addition to for a gadget that is intended to be worn both day and night, with just the intermittent break to give your skin a rest.

The watch spares definite action information for as long as week, and your complete advances, separation, steps climbed and calories consumed throughout the previous 30 days. More established figures won't be lost, however – you can think back further utilizing the Fitbit application.

An optical sensor within the watch gauges your pulse each second while you're working out, and like clockwork the remainder of the time.

Worked in GPS is a genuine distinct advantage for the Fitbit Charge 4, and makes it a feasible option in contrast to devoted wellness trackers for any individual who appreciates running, cycling and swimming for general wellness, yet needn't bother with the abundance of information gave by a committed games by Garmin or Polar. It additionally includes an altimeter for estimating steps climbed.

NFC permits you to utilize the Fitbit Charge 4 for contactless installments through Fitbit Pay, and you can control the Spotify application on your telephone by means of Bluetooth.

The gadget is water impervious to a profundity of 50 meters, making it appropriate for swimming, showering and perspiring, however Fitbit prompts pausing for a minute to dry the band subsequently.


The Fitbit Charge 4 has a fundamentally the same as plan to its antecedent fit as a fiddle and size, with the thin, rectangular face we've generally expected. There are two renditions to browse. The Fitbit Charge 4 Standard Edition is provided with a hearty silicone tie in dark, rosewood (a shade of purple) or tempest blue/dark.

Our survey test was the Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition, which is provided with two ties: one dark silicone, and one intelligent woven nylon, which looks similar to tweed, and makes a shrewd option for more proper events. Lashes are anything but difficult to expel and trade, and are provided in two lengths to suit diverse measured wrists.

We'd trusted that this emphasis of the Fitbit may have a shading screen, yet it's despite everything high contrast. Following a little while of utilization however, we don't accept this is a significant downside. The illuminated OLED show is splendid and clear, even in direct daylight, and on the off chance that a vivid screen implied giving up battery life, at that point we'd preferably stay with monochrome.

A portion of the discretionary watch countenances would be more clear with a little shading (those pressed with a great deal of details can be dubious to peruse) however pick one of the less jumbled choices and it is anything but an issue.

We'd likewise incline toward it if the screen stayed at full brilliance a little longer after it's woken (either by squeezing the side catch, or by raising your wrist), as it darken rather rapidly. This is probably another force sparing measure.

The Fitbit Charge 4 charges through a USB link that interfaces with the watch by means of an enormous clasp. It's anything but difficult to arrange the connectors (it clasps safely around the entire body of the watch, making it a lot simpler than the comparative charging cuts utilized by Garmin gadgets), and a full charge takes under 60 minutes.

Fitbit says that the Charge 4 endures as long as seven days on a solitary charge, which we saw as evident in our testing, however similarly as with any wellness tracker, that period is abbreviated significantly when you're utilizing the on-board GPS.


The Fitbit Charge 4's interface is natural, with just the touchscreen and a discrete catch on the left-hand edge as controls. Tap the catch or raise your wrist to wake the screen, at that point swipe option to get to the gadget's different menus and settings.

The screen is responsive and a lot more splendid than it shows up in photos, with smooth advances among menus, and there are just ever two menu choices on screen at once, keeping away from the danger of incidentally choosing an inappropriate one (which could have handily been an issue with such a little presentation). Swiping up will uncover your day by day details, including step tally, separation voyaged and calories consumed.

The solitary catch returns you to the past screen, or to the clock face – whichever starts things out – and presses are joined by a delicate buzz of haptic criticism. Some wellness trackers vibrate furiously, so we welcome this more delicate inclination. Swiping down uncovers your ongoing writings and calls. Try not to need to be upset? Press and hang on the screen.

You can single out which applications are introduced on the gadget, however we found the climate application especially supportive, maintaining a strategic distance from the need to uncover your telephone, load a climate application and look through to tomorrow's conjecture. It's delegate of the whole Charge 4 experience: only the information you need – introduced unmistakably. Nitty gritty, however nothing missing either.

Activity tracking

At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to get dynamic, the Fitbit Charge 4 conveys a delicate buzz to remind you to get up and stretch your legs (the recurrence of which can be balanced through the application, or impaired totally). This is joined by your present advance check to urge you to get going – a more wonderful option in contrast to Garmin's somewhat impolite 'MOVE!'

The Fitbit Charge 4 can follow six exercises, however you can just make alternate routes for four on the gadget itself so you'll have to single out the ones you utilize all the more often. This could demonstrate disappointing on the off chance that you like to keep your exercises changed, and practice both inside and outside.

It's likewise essential to take note of that, in spite of the fact that the gadget can recognize when you've begun an exercise naturally, you won't have the option to see a GPS guide of the exercise except if you chose a movement type before beginning. Given you've done as such, you'll be demonstrated your course along with speed, separation and pulse. It's much less information than you'd get from a devoted running watch, yet will be plentiful for an easygoing sprinter.

Dive somewhat more profound into the post-exercise details and you'll have the option to see your Active Zone Minutes (more on those in a second), calories consumed, and steps taken, which can all be shared, altered or erased. It's a disgrace there's no concise clarification of Active Zone Minutes on this screen – to discover more, you need to tap a connection and open a page in your internet browser.


Pros Cons
No price increase from Charge 3 Monochrome display
Built-in GPS No design update
Heart rate zone tracking


The Fitbit Charge 4 is a genuine advancement from its ancestor, and GPS is a fantastic expansion that helps overcome any barrier between wellness groups and completely fledged games watches.