Fitbit Inspire HR review

Shahriar Siam

As of not long ago, Fitbit's scope of less expensive trackers has been abundant and regularly confounding for the normal individual hoping to purchase an essential wellness tracker.

Any semblance of the Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Alta HR and even the Fitbit Zip sat in that lower value section, yet with the Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR that has all changed.

The organization has thinned down its spending range and presented to everything under one rooftop with these two new moderate trackers. They attempt to accomplish more than the gadgets recorded above yet don't accompany a similar degree of usefulness as the Fitbit Charge 3.

We've presently been trying it out for quite a while, so read on for our full audit of the Fitbit Inspire HR.

You would now be able to purchase the Fitbit Inspire HR from the authority Fitbit site just as an assortment of outsider retailers in the US, UK and Australia.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a touch more costly than its pulse less kin at $99.95/£89.99/AU$179.95. That is for a form with a silicone band, while different groups cost between $24.95/£19.99/AU$44.95 and $64.95/£59.99/AU$99.95, with alternatives including cowhide, twofold wrap and tempered steel.

You can purchase cuts for the essential Fitbit Inspire that permit you to wear it on a belt, pocket or bra as opposed to around your wrist, yet these aren't perfect with the Fitbit Inspire HR, so you'll need to decide on the less expensive tracker to have the option to utilize one.

Considering the Fitbit Alta HR - an item with a comparable spec to this tracker - propelled in 2017 for $149.95/£129.99/AU$249.95, this is a serious reasonable wellness gadget. Apparently, it's probably the best tracker from a value point of view that the organization has ever made.

Fitbit is commonly more costly than its opposition however, so this isn't the most reasonable tracker available for the usefulness you'll be gaining admittance to here.


Product Dimensions 1.2 x 3.9 x 8.9 inches ; 0.64 ounces
Shipping Weight 2.9 ounces
Item model number FB413BKBK
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Display Type OLED
OS Platform Proprietary OS
Body Protection Waterproof up to 50 meters

Design and display

This is one of the tightest and consequently sleekest-looking wellness trackers you can purchase at the present time - however it's very thick. All things considered, it's by a wide margin one of the most appealing trackers Fitbit has made, and it's prominently lighter and more slender than the Fitbit Charge 3.

This replaces the Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Flex 2 in the organization's line-up of trackers, and it feels like an amalgamation of those two with a couple of refinements to guarantee it's a smoother item.

You have the shading decisions of dark, lilac or white for this tracker. Silicone groups accompany it as a matter of course, yet you can move up to an assortment of different lashes in case you're searching for a progressively formal or simply unique look.

For the motivations behind our survey we utilized the dark tracker, however the other two decisions look great on the wrist too. On the off chance that you don't care for this look explicitly, it's eminent that there's an enormous wide range of ties and adornments you can use to switch up its look. Fitbit makes a few however there are additionally bunches of outsider alternatives.

On the correct hand side of the body there's a catch that you can use to wake the gadget and return you to the home screen. To experience your different details you'll be utilizing the touchscreen, however it isn't as responsive as a smartwatch show.

All you truly utilize the screen for is swiping between two or three menus to show your details for the afternoon. You can begin a couple of highlights utilizing the touchscreen, including practices and guided breathing meetings, yet you'll need to swipe up to discover these.

That is a serious unintuitive piece of the UI, and we regularly ended up looking through the menu a few times before we recalled where the choice we were searching for sat. The screen additionally didn't enroll the entirety of our swipes, so once in a while you may wind up getting disappointed with exploring around the tracker's menus.

It's a high contrast show, which isn't an issue for such a details you'll be taking a gander at on the screen. It's significant that you additionally realize the presentation doesn't take up the entire front of the gadget appeared in the pictures in this audit.

There are some enormous, thick bezels at the top and base of the showcase just as lines going down either side of the Fitbit Inspire HR's screen. Those bezels at the top and base of the screen are 11mm, while the ones to the side are 3mm.

Considering the tracker is 37mm long and 16mm wide that doesn't leave an enormous measure of room for the screen. All things considered, we didn't think that its disturbing in everyday use, and particularly with the bezels being dark it's not satisfactory that you have these huge bezels on all sides.

The Inspire HR accompanies a dip verification fabricate which implies you can wear this in the shower without stressing over it getting demolished. At the hour of our unique survey, we thought the Inspire HR was unequipped for following swims yet it's really conceivable to follow swim lengths, term, separation and pace.

We've yet to try out this element, however we plan to refresh our audit with a full decision on its swim capacities sometime in the not too distant future.

Performance, fitness and features

Everyday execution of the Fitbit Inspire HR has demonstrated solid in pretty much every respect. The wellness tracker doesn't do all that much as far as highlights you can access from your wrist, so you won't regularly be left trusting that things will stack.

Rather, you'll start an activity and it will commence immediately. The Inspire HR accompanies a great deal of essential wellness following highlights, for example, day by day step following and so forth, however it additionally flaunts associated GPS and a pulse screen.

This is one of the most practiced spending wellness trackers Fitbit has ever made, and it accompanies 15+ exercise modes too.

Our most utilized exercise was the running mode where it demonstrated us the separation, pace, normal pace, pulse, calories consumed, steps and time through a progression of menus that are anything but difficult to look through.

You can set these activities up physically by going up on the principle menu, or you can simply begin running and the wellness tracker will remember it for you.

This is helpful for when you don't make sure to fire up an activity. We'd suggest physically beginning an activity on the tracker when you think to however to guarantee it's logged.

The Inspire HR will likewise watch out for your day by day step consider outside of this well as your resting pulse, to give you an away from of your general wellbeing.

Associated GPS functioned admirably in our testing. It implies you won't have the option to follow your area by taking out only your wellness tracker, yet it will utilize your telephone's GPS highlights when you're on a raced to bring the information legitimately into the application.

It gives you a much more clear image of your course and how far you've gone than a wellness tracker that doesn't offer any type of GPS, and we discovered it to associate basically and effectively with little problem in setting it up.

This additionally implies you won't be trusting that ages for your tracker will associate with a GPS signal, and rather it's substantially more prompt so you can begin your exercise quicker.

The tracker is agreeable for turning out to be, particularly as it's so light. You'll scarcely see this lashed around your wrist, and that is a major assistance when you're working out.

There are additionally guided breathing activities on the tracker, which is a type of contemplation. On the off chance that you cycle up through the menu you'll locate the decision of either a two moment or brief exercise. These aren't as extensive as applications like Headspace or Calm that you can access on your telephone, yet on the off chance that you need a couple of seconds to relax this can work truly well.

It is anything but an element worth purchasing the Fitbit Inspire HR legitimately for, yet it's an additional advantage that you may end up utilizing every once in a while.

Sleep tracking

The Fitbit Inspire HR will likewise follow your daily rest details. This isn't top to bottom information like you'd get from a devoted rest tracker, however it's sufficient to make it beneficial wearing around evening time.

In our testing, we discovered it as precise as you'd expect a wellness tracker you wear around your wrist to be. A few times it felt like the information wasn't totally exact on the measure of time we dozed, yet as a general picture we thought that it was helpful.

You'll get the measure of time you've dozed, the occasions you've woken up and the time you were wakeful or anxious for the duration of the night.

It will likewise separate your night into Sleep Stages to give you a thought of whether you experience the ill effects of any conditions, for example, rest apnea.

Battery life

Fitbit assessed somewhere in the range of four and five days of utilization with the Inspire HR, and that is actually what we got from the tracker. It kept going precisely five days from a 100% pursue and had dropped to 5% when we energized it.

The more exercise you do with the tracker, the quicker it will deplete obviously, however we don't believe it's probably going to deplete totally in under four days. That is a considerable amount of battery, which means you just need to revive it two times per week, and you get a great deal of highlights for that.

Besides, it just takes two or three hours to charge from 0 to 100%, so you're as yet ready to wear it every night to follow your rest.

It utilizes a restrictive charger, which is a touch irritating as it implies you have to make sure to take the link with you when you disappear. On the off chance that you lose the link, you can purchase another.

It is one of the slickest structured chargers we've seen for a Fitbit item, yet it is as yet baffling that the organization hasn't changed to a USB-C or smaller scale USB technique so you can utilize different links to energize the Inspire HR.


The uplifting news is, the Fitbit Inspire HR is probably going to work with your cell phone. The Fitbit application works with most current Android handsets and iPhones. You'll be utilizing the Fitbit application on your telephone to associate with your tracker and raise loads of information that you can't generally observe on your wrist.

In case you're stressed that the application won't be good with your telephone, you can check the authority Fitbit site to see whether it will work.

Fitbit's application is anything but difficult to explore, and it offers a wide range of details that you won't have the option to jump on the Inspire HR itself.

For instance, you won't have the option to separate your rest information on the tracker. To review that you'll need to head into the application, however we thought that it was anything but difficult to see the entirety of the data we required and it's alluringly structured as well.

There's a dashboard welcoming you each time you open the application, with your general day by day data showed, for example, separation secured, steps taken, calories consumed and dynamic minutes.

The application likewise has brisk alternate ways to see different components, for example, your activity following, your rest and your resting pulse.

In the event that you own different extras, for example, Fitbit Aria 2 keen scales, that information can likewise show up here in the application and you're ready to log your water admission and calorie consumption as well on the off chance that you need a much more extensive image of your wellbeing.

In the event that you need to propel yourself as far as activities you can set up difficulties, in addition to you can become companions with other Fitbit clients to share your details.

There's likewise the additional advantage of female wellbeing following, which has recently been selective to the organization's smartwatch go yet it's here on the Inspire HR.

This permits you to record your menstrual cycle inside the application so you can record side effects and follow your cycle. It ought to likewise help give you an away from of how this can influence your activity system. We couldn't test this element on the Inspire HR, however it has functioned admirably on past Fitbit gadgets.

An intriguing new component is the means by which updates work for your tracker. The Fitbit application will refresh your tracker bit by bit, which means you won't have your wellness tracker down and out for quite a while. It will download somewhat each time you're on Wi-Fi, and when it's set you'll be given a brief to refresh your tracker.

That is a keen method of doing it, and it implied the one update we had in our testing time was smooth and with no genuine problem.


Pros Cons
Premium design No Fitbit Pay
Lots of tracked metrics Screen can be unresponsive
Strong battery life Large bezel


This most recent tracker is more reasonable than the wellness groups it replaces inside Fitbit's range and it comes wearing more tech than those more seasoned items as well. It isn't the most moderate tracker available, however everything functions admirably here and it's an extraordinary alternative in case you're hoping to begin following your wellness venture.