Fitbit Ionic smartwatch review

Shahriar Siam

Since a long time ago reputed, the Fitbit Ionic was the organization's first obvious smartwatch. Fitbit has gotten equal with wellness trackers, however with the Ionic the organization chose to venture into a totally different market.

The Ionic consolidates its wellness know-how with the smarts of an assortment of organizations it's purchased –, for example, Pebble, which Fitbit obtained in 2016 – and united everything to add a noteworthy new wearable to its range.

Offering comparable highlights to costly options, for example, the Apple Watch range and Wear OS watches, the Fitbit Ionic is a genuine competitor to be the smartwatch you decide to wear when you're out running or going to the rec center.

In any case, there's currently the extra rivalry of the Apple Watch 5, which includes LTE and its best wellness following yet, also the invasion of Garmin into the wellness smartwatch space with items like Forerunner 645.

Since the dispatch of Ionic, we've additionally observed Fitbit present three new littler and progressively reasonable smartwatches called the Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Versa Lite and Fitbit Versa 2. In case you're intending to purchase a smartwatch from Fitbit look at these similar to all less expensive, offer a slimmer structure and huge numbers of indistinguishable highlights from the Ionic.

Additionally Fitbit CEO James Park has likewise affirmed the organization has plans to deliver a Fitbit Ionic 2 later on, however there's no reasonable sign yet on when we'll see that presented.

The following we're going to concentrate on the Fitbit Ionic however, so read on underneath for our full survey of the organization's absolute first smartwatch.


Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Fitbit
Model number FB503GYBK
Part Number FB503GYBK
Display Type LCD
Item weight 10.72 Ounces
Water resistant depth 50 Meters

Fitbit Ionic price and release date

The Fitbit Ionic propelled as the most costly wearable yet from Fitbit. At £299.95/$299.95/AU$449.95 it cost more than the Fitbit Surge running watch did at dispatch, yet somewhat not as much as items prefer the Apple Watch 5 or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Since the dispatch of the less expensive Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa 2, we've seen the value drop some approach to around $180/£200/AU$350 at specific seasons. The less expensive value makes it an a lot simpler buy as your next running watch, however it's still not as modest as some other competent Fitbit items.

Design and display

The Fitbit Ionic is an agreeable fit on your wrist, and contrasted with a great deal of present day smartwatches is especially light – to such an extent that you'll in a flash notification how lightweight this feels on your wrist, which makes it a more lovely to wear while working out than, state, the LG Watch Sport.

It's a solid match for ordinary use as well, being agreeable to wear at a console, which ought to urge you to wear it the entire day to guarantee the most exact readings conceivable.

It's waterproof, so you can clean up or even swim with it – more on that in the wellness segment.

The body of the watch is made of aluminum and highlights little reception apparatus groups on the sides, however it's appealing and is effectively the most attractive Fitbit item up until this point. All things considered, we saw the plan as fairly troublesome, with loved ones either adoring the look or detesting it.

You may well love the vibe of the Fitbit Ionic, however in case you're made a fuss over what others think simply remember that it's not liable to have the all inclusive intrigue of, state, the Apple Watch.

There's one equipment button on the left-hand side with another two on the correct that sit in comparative situations to those on the Fitbit Blaze and empower you to move around the watch's UI.

Each is somewhat raised as well – Fitbit probably thinks this will assist you with discovering them all the more effectively when you're mishandling around for the catches while perspiring and panting for breath when propelling yourself.

We found the catches worked for making the UI basic, in addition to it's a touchscreen, so you can burn through the applications by swiping.

There are cowhide and plastic lash choices accessible with secure latches on each so the Ionic won't tumble off when you're out for a run.

We utilized both, and the plastic choice is agreeable for when you're perspiring in the exercise center, while the cowhide lash is a substantially more appealing look – so you should get both in the event that you need to wear this watch both for working out and feasting out.

The presentation on the Fibit Ionic is a full-shading screen that is rectangular, not normal for the more square Apple Watch or most Android Wear watches, however it is suggestive of the Blaze's screen. This one is significantly greater however, and that is down to the bezels being more slender.

All things considered, the bezels are generally thick on the Fitbit Ionic. It's one of our significant reactions of the plan, and we believe there's a ton of squandered space beneath or more the screen. Fitbit could have incorporated an a lot bigger and progressively valuable presentation.

Additionally, the Fitbit logo is annoyingly positioned just beneath the screen, taking up a considerable amount of room on the wearable.

The goals of the LCD screen is 384 x 250, and we especially like how brilliant it is – it arrives at 1000 nits, which is equivalent to the Apple Watch 2 and means you can see it even in splendid daylight when out on a run.

We saw the touchscreen as somewhat delayed to react in some cases, and we regularly needed to move our wrist decently brutally for the raise-to-wake highlight to work. That is especially irritating when you're working out and you need a reasonable gander at your details quick.

Fitness features

The entirety of the wellness highlights we've come to know and love on other Fitbit items are here, and there are a couple updated components as well.

The Fitbit Ionic highlights a pulse tracker, which as per the organization is considerably more exact than on different Fitbits on account of glossy new calculations off camera and a plan that implies it sits a lot nearer to the skin.

We discovered it worked a lot speedier than on past Fitbit items, and in our testing we saw it as precise as different trackers and watches available. This is especially valuable for working out, and Fitbit will utilize your pulse for a great deal of the data that is shown in its exercises application.

There's worked in GPS here as well, and Fitbit figures your association ought to be better than on the Fitbit Surge as the reception apparatus groups are set in ideal situations to guarantee a superior following association.

Associating with GPS some of the time took somewhat longer than we'd have enjoyed, yet we never lost association while running or strolling. Having the option to glance through your information after you've been on a since quite a while ago run or ride is a major component as well.

New highlights for running incorporate a programmed delay choice, which will see when, for instance, you've halted to cross at some traffic lights and respite your exercise, at that point restart when you start practicing once more.

Fitbit has additionally remembered exercises for its Fitbit Coach include that is available from the watch and will offer a comparative support of the Fitstar application you can download on your telephone.

These are custom-made exercises that will show you precisely what to do, and each time you complete one you can flexibly criticism so Fitbit Coach can work out whether you need something simpler or harder next time.

The point here is to enable you to improve, and keeping in mind that it appears as though a significant fundamental framework it ought to urge you to attempt various sorts of activity.

Fitbit plans to likewise carry sound exercises to the Ionic – and they can't come soon enough, since it's a major missing component here. When evaluating exercises inside the Coach include, we wound up hurried to get onto the following part.

For instance, it'll start you off with 12 push-ups and give you a buzz on your wrist when you're set, at that point disclose to you your next exercise position and allow you nine seconds to prepare.

Without a sound signal, you need to take a gander at your wrist, study the type of the exercise and afterward be prepared to begin, all inside nine seconds. At the point when you're perspiring and heaving for breath, we regularly discovered this was near on incomprehensible.

Fitbit has additionally incorporated a SpO2 sensor here to screen blood oxygen levels, be that as it may, as of November 2018 the element despite everything hasn't been empowered, however the organization professes to be dealing with it.

We likewise now know the Fitbit Ionic is set to be a helpful gadget for those with diabetes. In the event that you pair the watch with a Dexcom G5 Mobile sensor (a pro gadget that costs $900 (about £690, AU$1,120) it'll have the option to show your glucose levels so you can screen them.

It's a fascinating idea, and it could make the Fitbit Ionic an unquestionable requirement have gadget for those with diabetes.

The Fitbit Ionic has 5ATM water opposition (50m) and is anything but difficult to wear in the water and the sheer number of dividing openings on the lash mean it waits even on littler wrists. So you're good to go for swimming.

Likewise with other game explicit highlights, how helpful this is will rely upon whether you're a genuine swimmer or somebody who adopts an increasingly easygoing strategy to getting wet for general wellness.

On the off chance that you're the last mentioned, at that point the Fitbit Ionic's straightforward, simple to-utilize interface and length, separation and pace following ought to demonstrate more than adequate for your following needs. The way that the application shows your swim as far as your general day by day wellness objectives is additionally a pleasant touch.

Assuming, in any case, you're a serious swimmer then you'll locate Fitbit's first smartwatch to some degree on the fundamental side and you may be in an ideal situation with an elective swimming watch.

It is extremely unlikely to enter drills – so a length of kick won't register, for instance – and in light of the fact that there's no programmed stroke location, changing stroke in a length can prompt information enrolling inaccurately.

Swim following is plain as day; pick 'work out' from the applications, swipe to swim (indeed, swiping worked shockingly well in the water) and go.

It's anything but difficult to include the length of the pool, and the way that the screen remains off except if you've set a prompt – giving you separation, laps and time each 100m for instance – is valuable, as a glimmering screen entering your eye line when you're doing your best Phelps impression can demonstrate diverting.

The Ionic can naturally perceive various activities, including swimming, so in the event that you do neglect to press go you're arranged.

At the point when it come to precision, in any case, the Ionic swam into precarious waters. In spite of contributing the pool length as 25m, we got readings of 8 lengths as 100m and 22 lengths as 450m rather than 550m.

However, Fitbit state that a few errors may originate from shorter swims, halting to rest in the pool and halting for over 60 seconds toward the finish of a length (which we most likely did when attempting to work out why the 100m sign we'd set didn't go off after four lengths).

Performance and battery life

The specific internals of the Fitbit Ionic are somewhat indistinct, and we don't hope to think a lot about what's running in the engine. In our testing, in any case, we found that the Fitbit Ionic UI can be somewhat delayed at stacking.

For instance, setting up an exercise can take a significant long time contrasted with other contending gadgets, and it can likewise be baffling when you need to get exact wellness readings. We haven't found that applications crash while utilizing it however.

We found that the Fitbit Ionic's battery endured somewhere in the range of four and five days with constrained utilization. In case you will be turning out to be a great deal with the watch it'll be significantly less, and the battery gets hit particularly hard when utilizing GPS.

Fitbit gauges it goes on for 10 hours of steady GPS following, and we imagine that is about right – it's still around a similar measure of time as your normal running watch can keep going for.

You can likewise transfer music to the Fitbit Ionic, with 2.5GB of free space available to you. That is very little, and will just take into consideration around 300 tunes, yet on the off chance that you have specific book recordings, digital broadcasts or collections you're continually returning to there ought to be space for some of them here.

You would then be able to interface Bluetooth earphones and tune in to music in a hurry without taking your telephone on your run.

We found the Bluetooth association stayed stable, yet it's disturbing that you can't incorporate probably the most mainstream gushing administrations, for example, Spotify or Apple Music, to download any music you need without any problem.

In the US you can associate the watch with Pandora - something we haven't had the option to test yet - and you can likewise interface it up the world over to your Deezer account as well. We'll make certain to refresh this survey whenever we get the chance to test the new component.

In case you're not an endorser of those administrations, you have to claim the records and transfer them physically utilizing a PC. That all feels a touch excessively convoluted, and it urged us to simply take our telephone out on the run.

Apps and compatibility

The Fitbit Ionic will work nearby the Fitbit application on your telephone, which is perfect with most present day iOS and Android gadgets.

The Ionic accompanies its own App Gallery – Fitbit is unshakable this isn't an application store – that incorporates Fitbit's own administrations just as outsider applications. So far we've seen outsider applications from Strava, Starbucks, Philips Hue, The New York Times, Flipboard, Yelp and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

It's as yet a constrained arrangement of applications contrasted with watchOS, Wear OS and even Tizen, however we would like to see the App Gallery grow further particularly now the Fitbit Versa bolsters these as well.

At dispatch everything on the Fitbit Ionic App Gallery was free, however there might be paid-for elective applications at some phase later on.

You can likewise pick an assortment of watch faces inside the Fitbit application, and there are right now bunches of good decisions. We trust the choice will be extended later on however, as there still aren't the same number of choices as you can jump on elective wearables.

Personalization is absurd here either – it is ideal to have the alternative to add various gadgets to your prefered style of watch face. We have high expectations this will happen inevitably, particularly as it was a major concentration for Pebble wearables previously.

Fitbit has remembered portable installments for the Ionic through its own assistance called – you got it - Fitbit Pay. This depends on tech from an organization called Coin, which Fitbit repurchased a couple of years, and will permit you to utilize NFC to pay on contactless terminals with your wrist.

Fitbit is joining forces with Visa, American Express and Mastercard for this, however you'll have to ensure your bank is offering the administration. You can do that here on the authority Fitbit site.

In our testing, we found the installment include functioned admirably yet in some cases took quite a while contrasted with a portion of the other options.

You hold down the catch on the right-hand side of the Ionic for a couple of moments to make an installment, and you'll at that point need to enter a PIN that you've recently set up and place your Fitbit Ionic close to the peruser.

It's a fundamentally the same as experience to either Apple Pay on the Apple Watch or Android Pay on Android Wear gadgets, and it's particularly helpful in the event that you have to get a jug of water when you've gone running without your wallet or telephone.

It likely won't supplant your wallet, however it's a helpful additional method of having the option to make installments when you're out working out.


Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Fitbit
Model number FB503GYBK
Part Number FB503GYBK
Display Type LCD
Item weight 10.72 Ounces
Water resistant depth 50 Meters


The Fitbit Ionic is a decent wearable, however it's not the extraordinary smartwatch some had anticipated that it should be.