Fossil sport smartwatch review

Shahriar Siam

The manner in which we take a gander at it, the best innovation is continually going to join execution and worth. You would prefer not to pay excessively, yet you additionally don't need something that scarcely works. That is the reason when we're given a smartwatch that is directly down the center, similar to the Fossil Sport, we focus.

This mid-extend smartwatch is centered fundamentally around wellness, and is worked for the assignment. It's light, appealing and sturdy. It even accompanies a lively silicone lash.

The equipment is likewise reasonably forward-thinking, however it's not actually overflowing with top of the line highlights. The inquiry, at that point, will be the means by which well this all means certifiable exhibition.


Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Fossil
Model number FTW4019
Item Shape Round
Display Type Digital
Case Thickness 12 millimeters
Band Material Silicone
Item weight Day-Date-Month
Water resistant depth 165 Feet

Fossil Sport release date and price

Fortunately, in case you're hoping to get your hands on the Fossil Sport, you won't need to pause. It's accessible for buy around the world, both on Fossil own site and through outsider retailers.

At the hour of composing it's the latest and progressed smartwatch in Fossil's line-up, so its value rivals other ongoing Fossil wearables, for example, the Fossil Q Explorist HR.

You can get the Fossil Sport for $275/£219/AU$469, which places it emphatically in the mid-run. Be that as it may, contrasted with something like the Misfit Vapor 2, which is somewhat less expensive at $249/£215/AU$349, the value looks somewhat harsh. Be that as it may, the bulkier style and more fragile water obstruction of the Vapor 2 may put a few people off.

Design and display

At the point when you're looking for a smartwatch, especially in case you're searching for another exercise buddy, you're going to need something that is both lightweight and sturdy. What's more, well, the Fossil Sport conveys in spades. The body is altogether made out of aluminum, and the lash that accompanies the watch is lightweight silicone and won't retain sweat.

On the Fossil Sport, you'll discover a dial in the inside, with an adjustable catch above and beneath. As a matter of course the base catch is modified to Google Fit, and the top to Fossil's own restrictive programming.

The Fossil programming lets you spare various setups, or 'searches' for the home screen, yet it's arcane to such an extent that we question many will discover an utilization for it. We reconstructed the catch to dispatch a stopwatch.

These catches are somewhat hardened, yet we feel that is really something to be thankful for. While they can be somewhat difficult to discourage, it implies that you won't incidentally begin setting stuff off while working out.

On the base of the Fossil Sport, you'll discover a pulse screen, and two metal contacts for the charger. Supposedly, the pulse screen is glass, so it may get somewhat cold, contingent upon the climate.

Flip the watch around, and you'll have the option to take in the 1.19-inch 390 x 390 OLED show. It's that size whether you pick a 41mm or 43mm case, and the Fossil Sport's presentation is unquestionably beautiful enough, yet it's not brilliant. So you'll need to squint to peruse the smartwatch's screen in splendid daylight.

The Fossil Sport's presentation will take care of business, particularly in case you're going to the exercise center as opposed to running around your square around early afternoon. However, with a smartwatch so centered around wellness, it would have been ideal to see a more splendid showcase.

Bezels are entirely thick, as well, however that will be normal in a mid-go smartwatch. Shockingly, bezel-less screen innovation hasn't made it to smartwatches yet, however we don't know it needs to.

The wristband, nonetheless, is a feature. In addition to the fact that it is swappable, the Fossil Sport is good with basically any 18mm or 22mm wristband (contingent upon whether you decide on a 41mm or 43mm case). This is incredible, in light of the fact that it implies you're not bolted to a restrictive association, and you can get a good deal on another lash.

In any case, we need to state that the lime green lash that accompanied our survey unit looked great in any case.

On the off chance that you need to supplant the lash, simply flip the Fossil Sport around, and you'll see two metallic switches on the finish of every 50% of the tie. Pull these, and the lash will come directly out. Reattaching the tie end up being somewhat more problematic, yet that is to some degree since we're awkward.


The Fossil Sport is pressing the most recent wearable chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon Wear 3100. This implies applications feel quite responsive, and battery life is regularly magnificent – which we'll go into later.

Getting the watch refreshed took some time, however that could have been because of our Wi-Fi association more than anything. When we moved the update, nothing truly kept us down. This is halfway gratitude to the 512MB of RAM. In any event, when we stacked numerous applications one after another, we didn't see any log jam.

What's more, in light of the fact that the Fossil Sport likewise has 4GB of capacity, you ought to have the option to stack a lot of applications, or even music – which you can tune in to freely of your telephone. Simply don't hope to stack up your whole music library.

We tried the Fossil Sport on iOS, and keeping in mind that it is absolutely practical, it - like all Wear OS watches - would be more qualified to an Android gadget, particularly considering the more extensive choice of wellness applications that would be accessible.


The Fossil Sport is primarily equipped towards wellness, and generally it's a standout amongst other wellness trackers we've utilized. Its light form, long battery life and precise sensors imply that it can stay aware of even the most thorough long distance races.

The implicit pulse screen will enable you to adjust your exercises, and the accelerometer and GPS should help track separation when you're running.

Nonetheless, one thing we noticed is that the Fossil Sport now and again took a long time to get a GPS signal. There was one event where it took about five minutes. That is not incredible.

Battery life

Additionally, in case you're utilizing the Fossil Sport with an iPhone, you will need to make due with the wellness choices prepared into the Wear OS application, which aren't exactly as thorough as some different alternatives you'd find on the Google Play store.

For essential exercises, this is fine: there are a lot of pre-arranged exercises accessible. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you truly need to control each moment detail of your exercise, you may discover this application lacking.

You can even swim with the Fossil Sport. The watch's water obstruction is appraised for profundities of 50 meters, so you ought to have the option to utilize it to follow swimming without stressing. Besides, that silicone lash implies that it shouldn't get dirty after one outing to the pool.

Once more, in case you're searching for a smartwatch fundamentally for wellness, you truly can't turn out badly with the Fossil Sport. You can follow exercises for quite a long time, and with this present watch's battery life - which we'll get to underneath - we practically imply that truly.


Pros Cons
Stylish, lightweight design Google Fit needs work
Improved battery life Performance still lags in some spots
Ambient mode brings more A little pricey
personality to display GPS can be slow to start


The Fossil Sport won't knock your socks off, however in case you're searching for a moderate wellness watch that won't keep you holding up with moderate execution, you can't improve.