Garmin Fenix 5S Plus Full Review

Shahriar Siam

Garmin's reach besting Fenix arrangement has proceeded onward. Presently in its fifth manifestation, the Fenix range has three new watches in its line up, with the 5 Plus sitting close by the Fenix 5S Plus and the Fenix 5X Plus. They're still large, still striking yet now they're much more splendidly all around highlighted, bringing smartwatch aptitudes to the blend.

They're likewise still enormously costly, with sticker prices that range from £599/$799.99/AU$1149 straight up to £999/$1099.99/AU$1599. That is not kidding cash yet then these are not kidding execution and experience apparatuses.

There's bounty to adore about the most recent update. From trail racing to vast water swimming, the game explicit following smarts are far reaching, and there are progressed preparing and execution highlights to suit genuine novices and experts the same.

What's more, when you toss in regular action following, smartwatch aptitudes, Garmin Pay, music, strong rest following and even pressure checking, you get a watch that may – we state may mindfully here – legitimize the sticker price.

To discover, we put the fair estimated, 47mm Garmin Fenix 5 Plus sapphire gem titanium to the test.

Product Dimensions 1.7 x 0.6 x 1.7 inches
Item Weight 2.4 ounces
Item model number 010-01987-06
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Department Mens
Manufacturer Garmin
Date First Available June 18, 2018

Release Date & Price

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus is out now in the UK, US and Australia, however it's not modest. Value insightful it goes from £599/$799.99/AU$1149 to £999/$1099.99/AU$1599.

The distinctions in cost depend on a mix of the size you pick, the materials utilized and whether you need its Pulse Ox Acclimation highlight.

Design & Specifications

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus is a rough watch for the tough client, the sort of individual who's similarly as at home in a kayak as they are in the desert or tossing themselves off a mountain.

Multisport experience watches like this aren't regularly that lovely to take a gander at. In the event that the Garmin Forerunner watches resemble having a smooth games vehicle left in your garage, the hard-wearing Fenix range has been substantially more like leaving a tank there.

In any case, the Fenix 5 Plus shows exactly how far Garmin has gone ahead the plan front. It's still unmistakably a lump of watch and yet, you have something you can wear the entire day with savvy garments, without feeling like you're saying something about how SAS you are. To put it plainly, it's an exceptionally decent looking and refined – if somewhat huge – bit of pack.

We tried the 47mm Garmin Fenix 5 Plus sapphire gem titanium with Solar Flare Orange Band, which has in excess of a bit of the Hugo Boss about its general appearance.

There are, nonetheless, different models to browse. The 42mm Fenix 5S Plus, the 47mm Fenix 5 Plus and the 51mm Fenix 5X Plus.

The standard Fenix 5 Plus tips the scales at 86g – that is 5g heavier than the Suunto 9 – except if you pay a premium for the 10g lighter, 76g titanium variant.

On the normal measured wrist of our male analyzer the 47mm felt proportionate and reasonable, however the more modest wristed will very likely lean toward the 42mm and even that may be somewhat cumbersome for a few.

We enjoyed the reality the 47mm was somewhat more modest than the Suunto 9 and however there's marginally less screen land, you don't generally see the distinction when you're mid-action.

There's a sapphire precious stone release in each of the three sizes with a scratch-safe sapphire focal point intended to take all the thumps and knocks. We put this through a careful assessment out among the stones and sand of the Half Marathon des Sables in Fuerteventura, and the screen returned wonderful wellbeing, however the titanium bezel got a couple of minor scratches.On less expensive variants those bezels come in tempered steel instead of titanium and you can pick a silver or a matt dark completion. On the 47mm and 51mm watches the bezels are accentuated pleasantly by five screws that add a good piece of itemizing that you don't jump on the 42mm.

The 47 x 47 x 15.8mm watch face is more modest than the Suunto 9, with the showcase sitting inside a little fringe and taking up 30.4mm.

There's space for four details on screen at any one time in different adjustable formats, however we felt three details was sufficient, much else and things began to get somewhat confined and need progression. That is still bounty however.

The screen is a full-shading transflective Garmin Chroma Display with LED backdrop illumination and even in unbelievably brilliant daylight in the desert sands of Fuerteventura we thought that it was anything but difficult to peruse. We additionally utilized it on a night stage for running in obscurity utilizing a head light with no issue by any stretch of the imagination.


The clearness isn't as sharp as you'll discover on something like the Apple Watch 4 yet the main time this turns into a main problem is utilizing a portion of the planning highlights. And afterward once more, the Apple Watch 4 won't take the difficult times this will.

There's no touchscreen here like you get with Suunto's lead watch, rather the Fenix is controlled utilizing five side fastens that are pleasantly responsive and simple enough to discover moving. Is it missed? It's particularly an abstract thing yet touchscreen controls aren't that simple to utilize when you're bouldering up a precipice side or speeding down a mountain trail, so we weren't unreasonably annoyed.

We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have the option to swipe the guides to make a greater amount of the Fenix's new full-shading geological routable route however else we weren't so complained. A few people may want to have the alternative for exploring post movement. On the off chance that that is you, this will incense you.

Features & Tracking

Fenix watches are probably as far reaching as it comes. Running, swimming, cycling and obviously marathon are key to the list of capabilities, and those are each brilliantly very much cooked for, however you can likewise toss in climbing, ascending, mountain trekking, skiing, snowboarding, crosscountry skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, paddling, kayaking and even golf.

Outside of those minutes where you're reveling your specific game energy, there's rest following, stress observing, general action following, including steps, move cautions, flights climbed and wellness age gauge (our own said we had the wellness age of an 'brilliant 20-year-old').

However, the Fenix truly wakes up when you get going.

Running, Trail Running & Hiking

Street, trail and treadmill running are totally presented with their own game modes and one thing we love about the Fenix was the way unfathomably simple it is to change the details that show on the watch during your meeting, from the watch itself.

It takes seconds to rejig the format of each screen, to choose the quantity of details (1-4) and what those are from pace, speed, pulse, climb, vertical speed, power and many, some more. You can likewise make your own game modes to alternate route the need to play pre-race.

All the standard run stuff is there with separation, pace, speed and so forth At the point when it came to GPS precision as we referenced before the Fenix 5 Plus backings GPS, GLONASS and Galileo and we discovered it to be entirely solid.

We had some wild minutes in UltraTrac mode, as should be obvious from the image above, where our watch battled with a phase of the Half Marathon des Sables that took in open sea shores and blustery path. We were informed that was 66km yet our Garmin enlisted 73km.

Rhythm is additionally followed by the watch however maybe one disillusionment is exactly the number of the other running elements require an additional embellishment, for example, a HRM Run chest tie or the Garmin Running Dynamics Footpod.

Things like ground contact time, vertical wavering, step length and force – each one of those structure proficiency measurements that we're beginning to see – need another gadget.

For as much as possible you'd anticipate the Fenix to consider every contingency except not at all like the recently dispatched Polar Vantage V, power isn't followed from the wrist. The measurement is upheld yet you'll have to match an outsider force sensors, for example, Stryd or to utilize Garmin's own Running Dynamics unit or HRM Tri, HRM Run Sensors.

To get power measurements to show for some you should download a unique application from the Garmin Connect application store. It's somewhat of a faff however just should be done once.

One thing trail sprinters will cherish is the way that in path running and climbing mode, the watch naturally gets when you move from running or climbing level to climbing. The screen looks to your rising details without the dash of a catch, it's a little thing yet a decent touch when you're losing a lung harming up a mountain trail.

The Fenix 5 Plus additionally accompanies Garmin's Race Predictor highlight that will utilize your ongoing run exhibitions to assess your race times for good ways from 5km to the long distance race.

These can be wild however. Our analyzer's expectations returned with 17:22 (5km), 36:02 (10km), 1:19:38 (half) and a 2:46:25 (long distance race). While the half and 10k may be conceivable the long distance race time would speak to a 11-minute individual best and that feels somewhat sharp.


The reach beating Fenix 5X Plus (51mm) watches include Garmin's new Pulse Ox Acclimation highlight. This shows blood oxygen immersion levels to help screen how you're changing in accordance with higher heights. As we tried the Fenix 5 Plus we didn't will test this yet it's a fascinating element for anybody climbing the Himalayas or getting high.


Likewise with the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, the Fenix 5 Plus offers telephone free music with enough stockpiling for up to 500 melodies or bunches of digital recordings. You can stream these direct from the watch to your Bluetooth earphones.

To get music onto your watch you'll have to stack it utilizing the Garmin Express work area instrument. It's pretty simple to do yet we'd love to have the option to likewise do it from our telephone.

You can likewise utilize the watch to control music on a matched cell phone. Despite the fact that the upheld accomplices are apparently restricted to Deezer for now. Those in the US can likewise get to iHeartRadio.

Spotify has likewise been reported for the Fenix 5 Plus, and you can download the application to the watch at some stage soon. We'll make certain to refresh this audit when we've given it a shot appropriately.

Smart Notifications

Another component that is quick turning into a staple on Garmin's running watches, you can match your Fenix with your cell phone and get hassled by approaching alarms for all your WhatsApp messages, Instagram cautions, messages and calls.

The fundamental issue we have with this is you can't tweak which alarms come through on the watch. It's either everything on, everything off, or you'll have to mess with your ready settings for each application on the telephone.

Thus, for instance, you can't simply say 'Give me WhatsApp messages just while I path run.' The final product is the interferences are probably going to drive you to turn this off.

Battery Life

With regards to battery life the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus can't coordinate the 120-hour brags of the Suunto 9. Truth be told the 5 Plus doesn't coordinate its non-Plus archetype.

The official numbers recommend you'll get as long as 12 days in smartwatch mode and 8 hours in GPS mode with music.

Without music and with the correct settings changed you should have the option to stretch out this as long as 18 hours in GPS mode (that is down from 24 on the non-Plus) and as long as 42 hours (down from 60) in UltraTrac mode, however with lower devotion GPS.

To scrutinize this battery life, we took the Fenix 5 Plus to the 4-day multi-stage ultra-long distance race, the Half Marathon des Sables in Fuerteventura.

During the occasion it adapted to 17 hours of running with GPS in UltraTrac mode, plus four days of general utilization, however we'd turned off all the keen warnings and the wrist pulse, and it just required charging again following six days altogether.

There's still enough squeeze there for most exercises, given you're brilliant your settings, yet for certain individuals the cut back in battery will be an issue, especially when contender gadgets are pushing for more life not less.


Pros Cons

Hard wearing

High price

Stylish, rugged design

Reduced battery life

Huge range of multi-sport features


With regards to multisport watches, the revived Fenix is probably out of this world fit, with new highlights like inherent music and contactless installments alongside completely routable shading topo maps. We'd prefer to have seen more battery and maybe force and running elements prepared in, however this is as yet the watch to beat. What's more, kid does it should be with that sticker price.