Garmin Forerunner 735XT Full Review

Shahriar Siam

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT is the organization's top marathon watch - but on the other hand it's a great optimistic purchase for anybody that appreciates simply running and cycling as well.

We state optimistic in light of the fact that it's ground-breaking and highlight rich enough on every one of the controls that it merits considering as a devoted model in each of those.

With a smooth plan, long battery life and intriguing experiences into things like running elements - and an incorporated pulse screen - it's certainly got all the highlights we'd like, so is it the watch you should be searching for?

Product Dimensions 0.47 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches
Item Weight 1.6 ounces
Item model number 010-01614-01
Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
OS Ios, Android
Department Womens
Manufacturer Garmin

Garmin Forerunner 735XT Price & Release Date

Dispatched in May 2016, the 735XT isn't the most current available, however it actually faces the best the market has to bring to the table at the present time.

The cost is likewise dropping, so where it dispatched at around £350, you would now be able to get it for £300 in numerous spots, with some occasion bargains seeing it drop as low as £235, or £245 with the extra pulse screen - which we found in ongoing Black Friday bargains, so watch out to check whether that reoccurs.

Design & Screen

One of the most grounded, most amazing things about the 735XT is that it's quite a smooth gadget with endless highlights inside. On the off chance that you've seen the 910XT or the Forerunner 920XT, you'll realize that the past marathon watches from Garmin have been stout things to lash to your wrist.

By one way or another Garmin has figured out how to place all that tech into a slight, adjusted model. It's not the littlest on the planet - individuals will at present perceive this as a wellness watch on your wrist - however it's more trendy than many.

It comes in two tones, dark and ice blue (we tried the last mentioned, and it earned a great deal of consideration with the manner in which the shade of the tie incorporates with the substance of the 735XT) and the rubberised lashes are truly agreeable, in any event, when put on firmly to encourage the pulse checking.

Additionally, in contrast to many running watches, the ties are simple and wide enough to attach rapidly - take a stab at something like the Samsung Gear Sport, with its two 'holding carries' and you'll know dissatisfaction.

The screen is low res contrasted with a portion of the smartwatches available - it won't equal the Apple Watch 3, for example - however it's totally intelligible in all conditions, without expecting to turn off to spare battery.

It utilizes a transflective screen which utilizes the accessible light to carry the lucidity to your runs. Not raising your wrist to wake is a huge besides, and the enlightening light is more than neat around evening time (and you can leave it turned on, in spite of the fact that this typically sucks battery somewhat more).


We love running with the Garmin Forerunner 735XT for various reasons - generally on the grounds that it's an exact and simple to-utilize machine lashed to your wrist.

We utilized the Forerunner 630, a more devoted running model, for various months, yet the reality this utilized a touchscreen enraged. No such issues with the 735XT - this is all catch, which means you can stroke your wrist without searching for the correct catch on the screen to complete a race or spare an action.

The precision is magnificent, and as such it's our go-to look for a race on the off chance that we need to benchmark another wearable. We'd even begin to distrust mile markers in races, such is the overall accuracy of the GPS.

That GPS rushes to click in - inquisitively, more so than the better-specced Garmin Forerunner 935, which is more costly. What's more, even with all the GPS/GLONASS following on, the battery life doesn't endure excessively, which is a genuine in addition to.

We won't really expound on all the things you can do running with the 735XT, yet do the trick to state there's not a great deal we need for. Virtual pacing, lap/pace/pulse alarms that you can alter, the capacity to drop your preparation plans in with the general mish-mash from the web are altogether genuine aids… in short you can do all you require with the watch.

The customisation on the information screens is likewise fantastic, which means you can know accurately what two ticks up or down will do when running, without breaking step to ensure.

The running elements are cool… however we don't know a great many people would get that much advantage. The main truly valuable one is the capacity to screen whether you're landing more diligently on the left or right, and you'll have to utilize the extra pulse tie to get the data.

Another little lift that we like from the watch is the expansion of pulse inconstancy (HRV) following. This opens the privileged insights of your body, lets you know whether you're drained toward the beginning of the run and can screen the moment that you progress from high-impact (utilizing oxygen to rush) to anaerobic (no oxygen, utilizing the fuel in the muscles which must be accomplished temporarily) running.

Knowing this, and we discovered it to be truly exact in our long distance race preparing, can help you over a long race by ensuring you don't pass your lactate boundary and begin getting into oxygen shortage. It's a truly decent component and one Garmin is nailing in its reach.

The pulse screen underneath, intended to screen your heartbeat from your wrist, is less exact however, with it frequently requiring a long time to click in and giving bogus readings toward the beginning of most runs.

At the point when it works, it functions admirably - it's simply far from faultless.


The battery life of the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is, to put it plainly, simply extraordinary. We routinely receive five days' utilization in return, in any event, running each day and having it function as a wellness tracker, which means you'll develop some quality rest following data.

Indeed, even with it associated with a cell phone, the battery life hang on inconceivably well - this thing could without much of a stretch do a ultra long distance race.

In reality, we tried only that: over 31.1 miles, from a full charge the Garmin Forerunner 735XT figured out how to just lose 30% battery, which is pretty unfathomable. While we'd be stressed over completing 100 miles off one charge, you can empower Ultra-trac mode and effectively endure.

It probably won't be as precise, however the truth of the matter is you can without much of a stretch go the working week on one accuse of the Garmin Forerunner 735XT and not need to stress.


The interface of the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is pretty simple to utilize when you get your head around it - and locate the heap mystery capacities empowered by holding down different keys at various occasions.

It's anything but difficult to control at pace, which is a marvelous thing to offer - we had the option to modify our virtual pacer (the capacity where you can perceive how a long ways ahead or behind a specific speed you are) in a race and it just took a couple of moments.

It's likewise incredible how the warnings spring up on this watch - when associated with your telephone, you'll get the perfect measure of see to see whether you have to take a gander at that text or WhatsApp message, or whether it merits accepting the call.

The Garmin Connect application is a genuinely troublesome stage - we're devotees of the way the application can simply accomplish such a great deal, yet it can get somewhat overpowering now and again.

All things considered, late overhauls are acceptable at giving more understanding, disclosing to you when you're ahead or behind your standard action, demonstrating your rest designs, movement levels and calorie admission (on the off chance that you sync it with something like MyFitnessPal).

The rest following is somewhat simple and comes up short on the understanding of some contending stages, yet generally speaking it offers a decent gander at your movement around evening time and is somewhat more touchy than something like Samsung Health, which we like.


Pros Cons
  • Long battery life
  • Plastic feel
  • Good smartwatch functionality
  • Some fitness tracking could be better
  • Accurate GPS
  • Heart rate monitoring not great from wrist


An incredible running and marathon watch, with thin plan, long battery life and now a greatly improved cost to oblige it. Albeit a little lightweight in nature it's more than sufficient to work as a day by day watch, and really appears a portion of the more 'committed' smartwatches.