Garmin Vivomove 3 Review

Shahriar Siam

The mixture smartwatch isn't what it used to be. What was before a smartwatch taking on the appearance of a simple watch has now been supplanted by another yield of half and halves that sprinkle the smarts around mechanical hands - and the Garmin Vivomove 3 is up there with the best at doing this we've tried.

Equaled basically by the Fossil Hybrid HR and the Withings Steel Sport HR, Garmin expands upon what made the 2017 Vivomove HR so incredible and improves practically everything about the experience. It likewise arrives in an assortment of completions - the normal Vivomove 3, the littler Vivomove 3s and the pricier Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe.

Which model you pick directs whether the shrouded screen will be monochrome or shading, just as the size of the case and the sort of tie.

Notwithstanding, we've invested energy with them all while in transit to conveying this decision, and we can serenely suggest all various models of the most recent Vivomove line.

Beneath, we'll be taking you through how the plan feels in everyday use, following precision, programming and plotting all the various advantages and disadvantages.


Product Dimensions 1.73 x 1.73 x 0.44 inches
Item Weight 1.63 ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Connectivity technologies GPS
Additional Features Bluetooth
Manufacturer Garmin
Department Mens
Device interface - primary Touchscreen

Design and Price

The Garmin Vivomove 3 beginnings at £219.99 and ascends to £319.99 for the Luxe and Style renditions.

Garmin's wearables have numerous characteristics, however a tasteful plan isn't something you commonly partner with them. The harmony among usefulness and great watches has leveled out marginally since the Fenix line jettisoned screws and the Garmin Venu was presented, and, notwithstanding the low bar set by archetypes, we'd state this is the organization's most attractive watch.

Indeed, we'd state it's extraordinary compared to other looking smartwatches you can purchase available; we've had a bigger number of praises from companions about this one than essentially some other we've worn in the recent years.

It's as yet the oddball in Garmin's range, being a mixture, but on the other hand it's the main gadget from the organization that offers the flexibility to be worn easily for the two runs/exercise center exercises and more dressy events. With the screen innovation, you don't need to settle on usefulness, either.

In the event that you need the smarts to stay hid, you have the choice. Be that as it may, the magnificence of this watch is the showcase. You twofold tap, swipe through the menus and see the simple hands move evenly to 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, as demonstrated as follows, or the moment hand secures set up on your objective advancement.

Dissimilar to different gadgets we've tried with a concealed screen and simple hands, we've endured no issues with the Vivomove 3 - there's no slack, no wrong showings and the screen responsiveness, considering this is anything but a conventional touchscreen, is generally excellent.

Presently, we won't get hindered in the various varieties of the Vivomove 3 - as we referenced up top, they to a great extent do something very similar. Nonetheless, we will say this specific model, the 42mm Vivomove 3 Style, was extremely light to wear on the wrist - simply 35g.

The nylon-style band isn't the comfiest, however it's as yet comfier and less expensive than the Luxe's steel catch tie (however, in fact, not as attractive), and it has the reward of being useable in exercise, rest and ordinary wear.

Our lone genuine analysis is the responsiveness of the raise-to-wake. During exercise, this works consummately, however it seldom reacts to wrist developments outside of that. On close by, this is acceptable, in light of the fact that it implies the watch can cover itself as a standard watch except if you twofold tap, however we do wish you could alter the affectability in the application (like you can with screen splendor) as opposed to depend on it to react when turned on.


While we wouldn't state the Vivomove line is worked for the individuals who are not kidding about following activity, it makes a pleasant showing of offering a blend of smartwatch and wellbeing highlights.

Garmin's own Body Battery metric is truly valuable for checking when you may be exhausted, while breath, stress and pulse estimations are a decent method of watching out for longer patterns.

Highlights like music control and warnings are additionally present, with the variety of gadgets you can swipe through all working similarly. You utilize the base portion of the screen - underneath the hands - to swipe through and tap for more data, (for example, charts on your pulse) on the top half.

We didn't find the opportunity to test something like Garmin Pay, since very few banks are upheld in the UK, however it's another enormous element for the individuals who can exploit.

Our lone genuine problem is the Pulse Ox estimations, which appeared to be estimated progressively however then didn't actually show the information inside Garmin Connect.

Activity and Sleep

In this way, while the new Vivomove arrangement is basically about wowing with plan, that shrouded screen permits you to increase a few experiences into what's being followed.

There's no GPS, so the individuals who need precise run or cycle following should do as such with their telephone, however you do get a solid cluster of generally speaking following. Long-squeezing the screen will raise the choice to choose exercises, so, all things considered you can cycle between runs, cycles, strolls, rec center exercises and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore, however it very well may be somewhat of a tap-a-thon attempting to kick an activity off, we did truly appreciate the interface on a followed exercise. The moment hand will adjust to the on-screen pulse estimation, which is likewise separated into bright HR zones, and the base portion of the screen can be burned through to see the passed time, time/date, separation and that's only the tip of the iceberg, contingent upon the activity.

We'll get into the exactness underneath, at the same time, as this was the first occasion when we experienced any product issues, we will say that we had a total bad dream attempting to begin a run at first. Basically, when we chose 'Run' as our activity, the watch would freeze and show an obfuscated screen before resetting itself after around one moment. It did this on many occasions, before we took a stab at resetting the watch altogether. It didn't fix the issue when we did this twice from inside Garmin Connect, however did in the long run unravel itself when we reset through the watch settings. Catastrophe.

In the event that this was an erratic, we'd most likely simply credit it to a similar programming niggles each watch encounters, yet comparable things sprung up all through our couple of weeks with the Vivomove, which we'll layout in the following area.

We're not really proposing you'll be dealing with this watch like a bonafide sports watch, however it's acceptable to know the sort of exactness it's contribution, should you choose to utilize it as a run tracker.

We tried it against the Fitbit Versa 2 - another watch without GPS - and didn't associate with the telephone's GPS for either. On a course we practically know takes 3.1 miles, the Garmin was 0.1 miles out from the Fitbit, which was essentially slam against. This isn't the greatest dissimilarity, and, considering we were following from basically the inherent accelerometer, it's not altogether surprising.

Normal pulse was likewise somewhat underreported, however, in contrast with the Fitbit, while it additionally over-detailed our maximum pulse. Since optical wrist-based screens can be genuinely touchy, we wouldn't add an excessive amount to this - particularly when we likewise had other followed runs against the Versa 2 where they were somewhat more in line.

For the most part, execution was, well, adequate. We wouldn't state it's as well as can be expected get from Garmin, clearly, however for the individuals who simply need something to give a ballpark estimation of their week after week run, it's completely fine.

Following the rest office is somewhat of an alternate situation, with the remainder of the business basically playing get up to speed to Fitbit's serious estimations.

In the model above, and in numerous different evenings we followed, the story is entirely comparative: nodding off and getting up is followed fine, yet there's a wild divergence in the time alert and the time spent in profound rest. To go through more than three hours in REM rest, at that point only 30 minutes in profound, feels extremely misguided.

As we state, these enormously underreported alert and profound occasions were steady over a space of around fourteen days. In any case, this is truly to a greater degree an issue with Garmin's calculations, as opposed to the Vivomove 3 itself.

The empowering some portion of the following is that the light rest is logged correspondingly to Fitbit. In this way, while you probably won't get a totally precise image of profound or REM times, you do get something.

Battery Life

The Vivomove line packs in a lot of activity behind the hands, so the reality it can't match the month-long battery life of different crossovers isn't excessively astonishing.

Nonetheless, Garmin's gauge is that you get around five days on a solitary charge, which really is more in accordance with what we're beginning to see from most smartwatches (other than the Apple Watch).

It bodes well as it were - once more, on the grounds that the shading screen is accomplishing such a great deal - however we'd in any case anticipate that the battery life should be more in the domains of 7 - 10 days, as opposed to the 4 - 6 we encountered during testing.

In any case, when the battery is run down, you do get a further week from the Watch Mode. Be that as it may, a little annoyingly, in any event from what we can advise, you can't switch between the two.

All things considered, we aren't overwhelmed by what Garmin has had the option to accomplish in the charging office, however it's unquestionably nothing to cry about.

In any event, during some serious five-day time frames, where we arrived at countless advances, logged several runs through our telephone's GPS and a couple of rec center activities, the Vivomove was all the while standing.

Try not to get it for the battery life, clearly, yet certainly don't be debilitated by what it's ready to assemble.


Pros Cons

Stylish design

Mild software hiccups

Software works beautifully

Sleep tracking issues

Gamut of features

Style and Luxe models are pricey


The Vivomove 3 is without a doubt extraordinary compared to other looking smartwatches you can get your hands on, and, in a marginally powerless field, is likely the best crossover available, as well. It's certainly helpless to the odd programming hiccup, however for the most part the shrouded screen innovation reacts very well and is home to a wide cluster of highlights. We wouldn't suggest genuine trackers get one of the Vivomove 3 gadgets - that is for the remainder of Garmin's range - yet it's a more than fit wellness tracker for normal clients.