HUAWEI Honor Band 5 Review

Shahriar Siam

The modest wellness tracker showcase is a serious one, with gadgets from any semblance of Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei rejecting for a spot on your wrist (and seeking to join Fitbit as easily recognized names for wellness following). The Honor Band 5 is perhaps the most recent contribution from Huawei's expanding sub-brand to hit the market.

It's a no frills gadget, with just a couple of key highlights and capacities, and it unquestionably won't speak to the individuals who utilize their tracker to screen each part of their wellbeing and wellness. Assuming, in any case, you simply need the features, for example, step check and rest time, it might suit you fine and dandy – and its impediments are reflected in its cost, as it's one of the most reasonable wellness trackers available.

For the Honor Band 5, Honor has tossed some top notch feeling highlights in with the general mish-mash, including an improved screen, however it's basically a wearable that amends a portion of the issues of the Honor Band 4. On the off chance that this isn't for you, there's consistently the marginally more wellness centered Honor Band 5 Sport to take a gander at as well.

Display AMOLED color screen
Size 11.5mm x 43mm x 17.2mm
Sensor six-axis sensor cooperate with 2012 Motion Algorithm
Battery 100 mAh
Weight 20g
Watch Band Silica gel
System Requirement for iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2, 2.4GHz

Honor Band 5 price and availability

You can get the Honor Band 5 for $36.99/£29.99/AED 110 (generally AU$55). That is much less expensive than the Honor Band 4 propelled for – it cost $59.99/£59.99 (around AU$85). That implies that in case you're searching for another wellness tracker there's no motivation to consider more seasoned models of the Honor Band, particularly as the Band 5 brings a few upgrades.

All things considered, getting hold of the Honor Band 5 may be more difficult than one might expect. At the hour of thinking of you can just get the wearable from outsider retailers by means of Amazon in the US, while in the UK and the UAE, you can get it from a scope of retailers.


The Honor Band 5 comprises of a little body, which houses the screen, and furthermore removable lashes (that are in reality quite difficult to evacuate).

The Honor Band 5 is a thin wellness tracker – it looks fundamentally the same as the Honor Band 4, and you're positively not getting an immensely upgraded gadget. It's thin, like the Xiaomi Mi Band 4's, with very little width or thickness, and the body is as wide as the tie, in spite of the fact that it's somewhat thicker.

This tie is made of silicone, which is a genuinely standard material for wellness tracker lashes, however in the event that you have a skin condition you might need to keep an eye out for bothering. It's a long lash, with a lot of drags, so you'll effectively have the option to get it to accommodate your wrist.

The Honor Band 5's body is genuinely thick comparative with its width, so it stands apart from your wrist some way, yet it's not as observable as some different wearables. At 22.7g, the Honor Band 5 isn't actually a substantial gadget, and we thought that it was quite not entirely obvious while wearing it.

On the body, there's the screen (which we'll get into underneath), and furthermore a round catch, which capacities like such a home catch. We discovered this element a bit of confounding – it's not in every case clear in the event that you should squeeze this catch, or the principle screen, to flip a capacity like killing an alert or shutting a notice.

Other than that, it's a pretty barebones gadget, with no physical catches or entanglements. In case you're not paying much for your wellness tracker you can't anticipate that it should have a bustling plan, and you perhaps don't need it to.

You can look over three hues for the lash – dark, naval force, and pink – yet the body is just accessible in dark.


The Honor Band 5 presentation is an AMOLED screen, which is one of the champion new highlights of the wellness tracker, as the Band 4 just had an OLED show.

AMOLED screens offer better brilliance and more striking hues, and here the thing that matters is recognizable. The watch face plans look much more dynamic, and the distinctive menu logos look significantly less 'level' than on the Band 4, and on some different trackers.

Talking about faces, there were just three to look over on the Band 4, yet now there are parcels, with nine remembered for the gadget out of the crate, and more accessible through the application, giving you a lot of choices for altering your gadget.

The screen is a similar size as the one on the Band 4 at 0.95 inches, so you're not getting heaps of data on the screen immediately, which can be useful for effortlessness yet irritating for warnings or nitty gritty exercise data. Truth be told, it in some cases felt like a marginally bigger screen would be helpful for swipe orders, as swiping right or left was now and again somewhat hard in the event that you didn't begin close to the edge of the screen.

The showcase appears to be really vigorous, which is uplifting news on the off chance that you will in general knock your wrist on things a ton – through the span of our survey we thumped the screen a couple of times against different surfaces, yet left no noticeable scratches or imprints.

Software and features

As you'd expect, the Honor Band 5's product is somewhat stripped down. You can wake the gadget by tapping the screen, however a much simpler approach to do this is by basically raising your wrist – we discovered this worked by far most of the time, so it's entirely dependable.

From the watch face, you can look up or down to get to the progression counter, pulse screen and rest time rest details, and menus for exercise, settings and warnings. The initial three of these are straightforward counters, yet you can choose them to see extra data. You can likewise tap anyplace on the home screen for information, for example, battery life and the current climate.

We found that looking through menus, and choosing various alternatives, could be somewhat moderate, and frequently the Honor Band 5 didn't react to our touch at the principal endeavor. This was especially observable when we were reacting to prompts from the watch, for instance when a warning came through or the caution went off, and it took us some time to clear/open the notice or drop/rest the alert.

In many locales the Honor Band 5 doesn't have NFC, however a NFC model of the Honor Band 4 was delivered distinctly in China, so the equivalent could be the situation here.

One issue we had in the Honor Band 4 is that warning taking care of could be hit and miss, and nothing's changed here. While the Band 5 is smart to transfer messages from your telephone (truth be told, once in a while they felt synchronous), it very well may be difficult to see noteworthy warnings.

This is on the grounds that all notices get sent to the Messages menu, where you can see a rundown of the latest, just as a preview of the data, yet too little data is shown for this to be valuable.

Schedule warnings show a period, messages show the feature, and WhatsApp messages show the sender, yet you once in a while get the chance to see the full message. While the wellness tracker is valuable in that it tells you have a notice while you're away from your telephone, it's less useful with regards to telling you what the notice is.

You can't answer to messages on the Honor Band 5 either, albeit because of the little screen we can't generally envision how that would function on the off chance that you could.

We additionally ran into a bug during our time with the Honor Band 5 in that it sent a similar notice (about a Facebook birthday) around multiple times one after another, which implied that each time we excused the notice it popped straight back up, rapidly topping off the Messages menu.

One last issue: when you turn the Honor Band 5 off, you need to append it to a charger so as to walk out on. We don't envision you'd have to kill everything that regularly, given that the battery life races to a few days – more on that in the Battery segment of this audit – this is something that is irritating the first occasion when you find it.

In case you're similar to us, and like to kill every one of your gadgets when you go into a theater, or when you're taking it off for longer timeframes, you could get yourself incapable to walk out on until you return to the charger, so this is essential to recollect.

Fitness tracking and app

The Honor Band 5 has a scope of wellness highlights, yet the one you'll likely be utilizing most is step following, and if so you'll be satisfied to hear that it's a dependable component.

We utilized the Band 5 close by the extensively more costly Fitbit Versa Lite to think about advance following, and they frequently returned fundamentally the same as step means an excursion. For instance, on two back to back outings to work the Honor Band 5 gave readings of 6,217 and 6,514, while the Fitbit Versa Lite indicated 6,229 and 6,685.

Over longer excursions, in any case, it turned out to be certain that the Honor Band 5 was tallying somewhat less strides than the Fitbit Versa Lite. Be that as it may, the distinction gives off an impression of being insignificant except if you're strolling gigantic separations.

The Honor Band 5 tracks a couple of various exercises: open air run, indoor run, outside walk, indoor walk, indoor cycle, cross-coach, paddling, indoor swimming, and free preparing. You can alter targets, and when you do so you'll get achievement alarms from the gadget, and once you finish your exercise you'll get some data on it.

That's right, that indoor swimming movement implies the Band 5 is waterproof, at 5ATM, so it's all acceptable to swim with, yet maybe don't go stream skiing or scuba plunging with it.

You won't get masses of inside and out data on your exercise, yet then this tracker isn't for the genuine competitor who needs to see a fastidious breakdown of their endeavors. Rather, this is for the ordinary exerciser who just has to realize practice time, separation, pulse, and different nuts and bolts.

We didn't get as much data from the Honor Band as we did from the Fitbit Versa Lite, yet that gadget costs around multiple times the cost of the Honor Band 5, so we approved of that.

One of the key selling purposes of the new Honor Band is improved rest following, and this is valid – in fact. On the gadget you can perceive how long you dozed for, however it's essentially 'time from when you hit the hay, to when you got up', and this is data you could see on the Honor Band 4. The Honor Band 5 gathers additional data, however to see it, you need to bounce into the Huawei Health application.

You have to download Huawei Health to utilize the Honor Band 5 (and, as an essential, the Huawei Mobile Services application, albeit both are as of now present on Huawei or Honor telephones). Huawei Health works along these lines to some other connection application for wearables, and you can associate your Band to your cell phone or tablet over Bluetooth.

Huawei Health empowers you to see a breakdown of your rest designs, including timings for REM, light rest and profound rest, just as waking time, and this is totally improved . What's going on in the Honor Band 5 is a rest guidance include, which proposes various approaches to change your propensities to improve rest, looks at your rest to average suggested sums, and gives you a point score dependent on your rest quality.

Battery life

Respect expresses that the Honor Band 5 goes on for six days of typical use, and we really received seven days in return on a full charge, so it appears to be sheltered to state you'll have the option to get a great deal of utilization time between charges. The 100mAh battery is a similar size as in the Band 4, so all things considered, some shrewd streamlining from Honor is preventing the AMOLED screen from failing the battery life.

Our seven days of utilization included incidental wellness following, rest following, and checking a lot of warnings. As indicated by Honor, the Band 5 has "low utilization season of as long as 14 days", anyway it's not especially clear what this implies – it likely includes not utilizing rest following, or numerous wellness highlights, and just utilizing the band to follow steps and tell the time.

For charging, the Honor Band 5 accompanies a dock that you can interface with a USB plug, which we found a little fiddly, as the band was inclined to drop out the dock. It's astonishingly smart however, and charged the Band 5 by about 40% in approximately 30 minutes, so you could undoubtedly control up the band with a day of charge during your morning shower.


Pros Cons
Affordable price tag Screen sometimes unresponsive
Improved sleep tracking Must be plugged in to power on
Expanded exercise roster Notifications temperamental


The Honor Band 5 isn't actually a wellness following force to be reckoned with – in the amazing plan of everything wearable, it has moderately not many highlights, and its activity checking specifically is somewhat lightweight. Be that as it may, see that sticker price – what did you anticipate?