Huawei Watch GT Classic Smartwatch Review

Shahriar Siam

The initial two Huawei Watch items were a major piece of the underlying accomplishment of the Android Wear working framework, so it came as an unexpected when the organization moved in an opposite direction from Google's wearable stage for the Huawei Watch GT.

Rather the organization chose to utilize its own product for its most recent smartwatch, which appears to sit nearby the Wear OS-carrying Huawei Watch 2 out of a different line of items, as opposed to being a 'Huawei Watch 3' of sorts.

The Watch GT has pared back programming to build battery life, and fortunately this has worked – in spite of the fact that at the expense of bargains somewhere else.

Since the Watch GT's presentation, the organization has additionally divulged the Huawei Watch GT 2 that accompanies submerged pulse following just as music stockpiling and a couple of configuration changes also.

There are two variations of the Huawei Watch GT that you have to think about, and Huawei considers them the Sport and the Classic.

At the point when it was first delivered, it was hard to locate the more costly Classic variant. It's presently significantly simpler to discover, however we would say we've regularly discovered retailers don't explicitly allude to them by their Sport and Classic names. The best approach to tell which adaptation you're taking a gander at is the dark body version is the Sport variation, while the silver body is the Classic.


Product Dimensions 1.83 x 0.42 x 1.83 inches
Item Weight 12.5 ounces
Item model number 55023263
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Date First Available February 5, 2019
Manufacturer Huawei

Design and display 

This is a meager and light smartwatch with a full-shading show, and we thought that it was agreeable to wear all through our time utilizing it; we additionally had praises on how the watch looked on our wrist.

The structure is like that of the Huawei Watch 2, in spite of the fact that it is slimmer. It's 10.6mm thick, and that encourages it to sit on your wrist serenely, without burdening it like some smartwatches can.

There's a 1.39-inch AMOLED show, which we saw as brilliant and clear. The entirety of your details show up unmistakably on the showcase, and it's anything but difficult to connect with the touchscreen. That clearness is likely down to the goal of 454 x 454 pixels, which is higher than we've seen on a great deal of different smartwatches.

This is perhaps the best screen we've seen on a smartwatch, which is the reason it's somewhat of a disgrace there's no Wear OS programming on the watch to give applications other than Huawei's default determination. In any case, how about we continuing concentrating on the plan of the watch for the present…

There are two catches on the right-hand side of the watch that empower you to explore around its interface when you're not utilizing the touchscreen itself.

The top catch attempts to wake the watch and afterward return you to the primary menu, while the lower one is intended for you to set up your own easy routes. This empowers you to handily boot up your most loved applications without heading into the fundamental menu, which is helpful in case you're regularly running with the watch.

In the event that you own a Huawei Watch 2 you'll perceive a great deal of the structure components here. The GT is made of a blend of clay and metal that looks premium on the wrist. The bezel has numbers around is to make it look a touch more like a customary watch, and that fired gives it a more tasteful feel than some different smartwatches.

Everything else around the outside of the watch is metal, and we truly like the appearance of the one we've been utilizing for this survey.

You have the decision of a silver watch body with an earthy colored calfskin lash (which has silicone within to make it agreeable while you're working out), or a dark body with a dark silicone tie. We favored the silver and earthy colored alternative, yet both look great on the wrist.

Specs and performance

Precisely what's running the Huawei Watch GT is presently somewhat hazy. Past smartwatches from the organization have been fueled by Qualcomm wearable chipsets, however that doesn't appear to be the situation for the most recent emphasis of its wearables.

Rather Huawei has decided on its own framework in the engine, and the specific chipset on offer here hasn't been clarified by the organization.

At the point when we at first tried the Huawei Watch GT at its dispatch in late 2018 we thought that it was inclined to faltering and delayed to boot up applications, however things have been improved significantly for the full delivery. Everything moves easily under the finger, and we were never left hanging tight for a particular application to boot up.

We're intrigued with the speed of everything on the Watch GT, yet it's significant that the watch isn't being approached to do a lot, as the product is constrained. It's as brisk as items we've seen from any semblance of Garmin and Suunto that additionally offer restricted usefulness.

Software and app 

Here's the place the Huawei Watch GT seems to battle, and this is on the grounds that the organization has incorporated its own LightOS programming. This isn't Wear OS or Tizen, similar to a great deal of smartwatches from Android telephone makers use.

That is not intrinsically an awful thing, yet Huawei's product here is especially restricted when contrasted with a portion of the more far reaching smartwatch working frameworks you can get at this moment. This is significantly more like a watch made by Garmin than it is the Huawei Watch 2, which accompanies Wear OS locally available.

There's no help for outsider applications, and when we asked Huawei whether it was hoping to present that help sometime in the future we got the impression it had no expectation of doing as such. That could even now change, yet right now what you see on the Watch GT is the thing that you get.

What you do get incorporates loads of wellness tech, and adjustable watch appearances and warnings – yet separated from that it's very restricted. For instance, there's no Google Pay support here, as there's no NFC chipset or supporting programming on the watch.

Installments from your wrist is something any semblance of Garmin offers through its Garmin Pay arrangement, so you may locate that a bogeyman of the Watch GT.

The product that accompanies the Huawei Watch GT is totally satisfactory, yet it won't energize anybody searching for a completely fledged smartwatch. There's an exercise application that we'll investigate in the following segment, yet close by that you'll get applications like a compass, climate, stopwatch, clock, caution, electric lamp, an approach to discover your telephone and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The Huawei application on your iOS or Android telephone associates you to the watch and permits you to pick your particular settings, for example, which applications send notices through to your wrist. We wound up setting this up, and afterward not utilizing the application again much.

It's valuable for setting up your watch, yet it doesn't offer especially extraordinary knowledge into your wellness details – rather you'll be doing that a ton from the watch itself.

Warnings for outsider applications aren't especially all around enhanced for the watch, yet it'll tell you what the notice is, just as a concise see of the message. In the event that you've missed them, you can swipe up from the base to see your full warnings, however its absolutely impossible to answer to them from the watch, so you'll need to get your telephone out.


The focal application on the Watch GT is called Workouts, and this offers the majority of the following abilities outside of the typical advance following and pulse checking that is working consistently out of sight.

There are simple modes to set up called Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Climb, Trail Run, Outdoor Cycle, Indoor Cycle, Pool Swim, Open Water and other. The GT is 5ATM waterproof, so you can unquestionably wear it to follow a dip.

It accompanies GPS locally available as well, which, as referenced, we discovered associated amazingly rapidly.

The interface while working out with the Watch GT is likewise natural to use with your details plainly showed and simple to associate with. We saw the following as appropriately precise and in accordance with different smartwatches.

Battery life 

Battery life is the place the Watch GT gets genuinely energizing however. Huawei accepts this watch ought to have the option to last just about an entire month on a solitary charge, and we discovered precisely that in our testing, with the GT dropping to half after around fourteen days of utilization.

We at that point revived the watch, and following 10 days of strong use we thought that it was as yet had 72% left in the tank.

Considering the Huawei Watch 2 needs reviving once every couple of days, this is a genuinely noteworthy detail. Some different smartwatches can keep going for a comparative measure of time, however it's not something each bit of savvy wristwear can accomplish.

Your mileage will obviously differ contingent upon what highlights you're utilizing. Assessments from Huawei incorporate fourteen days for blended use, however just around a day with full utilization of the GPS highlight.


Pros Cons
Incredible battery life No third-party app access
Solid design Not built for contactless payments
Affordable price Limited phone app


It's hard not to contrast the Huawei Watch GT with the organization's past smartwatch endeavors, yet Huawei is attempting to accomplish something other than what's expected with the GT, and it appears to have accomplished its objective.