Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch Review

Shahriar Siam

Charged as the more completely included option in contrast to the Access Sofie, and a huge redesign in usefulness over the Access Grayson, the Michael Kors Access Runway is the style house's greatest endeavor yet at making an extravagance smartwatch gadget.

At a high soliciting cost from £269 upwards (in spite of the fact that limits are accessible from explicit retailers), the Access Runway is similarly as worried about being a profoundly elegant accessory all things considered about satisfying the regular prerequisites that one wants to escape a smartwatch.

With the Runway going at a lower cost than the relatively underpowered Sofie, potential purchasers are probably going to skirt the last altogether for the previous.


Product Dimensions 1.86 x 1.83 x 1.67 inches; 8.8 Ounces
Item model number MKT5053
Department Womens
Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Date First Available October 4, 2018
Display Type Digital
Water resistant depth 165 Feet


The best thing that the Access Runway has making it work is its obvious feeling of style. Flaunting a conventional finished crown, flanked by two genuinely sizeable catches that produce a fantastic snap, the smartwatch could without much of a stretch be confused with a simple watch from a far distance.

Having those physical catches is consistently an or more, as it gives you brisk access to your most loved applications. For example, a twofold tap of the upper-right catch will open up Google Pay, letting you complete an exchange immediately. While I very much want turning the crown for menu route, I was frustrated to think that its lone works with a modest bunch of applications. The Michael Kors Access application, surprisingly, isn't one of them.

Fortunately, the Runway has no such issue – insofar as you select the metallic band and not the silicone elective.

The Runway's metallic band bends around the body of the watch, giving it a more top notch feel generally. Being reviled with petite wrists implied that I needed to diminish the tie of a few connections before the watch could remain solidly on my wrist without sliding off. While the experience of shortening the band was simple enough, it was a precarious undertaking to reconnect the band to the body. Just by sheer blind luckiness was I ready to reattach everything.


For quite a while, it felt like snappy smartwatches were being let somewhere near dreary screens yet I'm glad to report this isn't the situation here. The Access Runway's 1.19-inch AMOLED screen is delightfully fresh and I never ended up squinting to make out a line of text.

It has a slight, round bezel however except if you have an unmistakably brilliant watch face or one that stands out intensely from more obscure hues, you're probably not going to see it. That bezel permits the screen to take on a totally round structure, making the punctured tires of old ancient history.

Not at all like the 454 x 454 goal board found on the Access Grayson, the Runway really has a somewhat lower goal of 390 x 390. This may seem as though cause for concern however given the screen's moderately little size, I didn't get any observable plunges in quality as applications and watch faces showed up with reliably fresh visuals.

The main difficulty I went over was when endeavoring to check the time outside. I very much want to utilize the Access Runway's 'consistently on' include, in the conviction that if a watch can't reveal to you the time immediately, it has neglected to do its most significant activity. So as to save money on battery, in any case, this component presents your given watch face in a monochrome state while on reserve. It's extraordinary for a snappy look at your work area yet when seen against direct daylight, it very well may be dubious to make out precisely what's on the screen.


At the point when stacked against other Wear OS gadgets right now available, the Access Runway comes in at the higher finish of the scale – bragging a plenty includes including a pulse screen, untethered GPS, NFC uphold and even water obstruction of up to 30 meters with swim-sealing for sure; so you'll have no hesitations about it going with you at the neighborhood pool.

Discussing Wear OS, the Access Runway sports the most recent rendition of Google's working framework which presently considers snappy access to four fundamental screens from the watch face itself. For instance, a brisk swipe upwards will pull up your warnings course of events, while a flick towards the right-hand side opens the Google Assistant page, giving you a simpler method to inquire as to whether you left the lights on at home.

Everything staggeringly smoothed out and offers an obviously better encounter than Android Wear could possibly do, however the OS actually feels like it's in the beginning phases of turning out to be something really extraordinary. You'll experience an intermittent piece of horrendously moderate slack (especially at low battery), and the gadget can frequently return to backup similarly as your exploring through a menu. It's baffling however these issues shouldn't be too hard to even consider ironing out later on.

Beside the standard Wear OS exhibit, there's little here to isolate the Access Runway from its rivals. The Michael Kors Access application makes a return, intended to add some pizazz to your way of life, yet the application's four fundamental classifications extend from very helpful to out and out trivial. On the better finish of that scale, 'My Social' lets you interface up to your Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can pull in your preferred pictures and use them as a watch face. 'My Looks' then again is only a technique for looking through the accessible watch faces on a shading coded premise. Given that you would already be able to change watch faces by basically holding down your finger, this equitable appears to be a botched chance to include something advantageous.


Wellness following on Wear OS is still somewhat of a mishmash. The framework itself runs easily and can follow your pulse and steps effortlessly however its proficiency can be pushed or hampered relying upon the current watch, and I'm hesitant to state that the Access Runway falls in the last of these two camps.

Beside taking it out on a bicycle ride or a snappy go around the square, the Access Runway can be genuinely bulky as a wellness tracker. This became clear only a couple of moments into doing some high-intensity aerobics at the exercise center, as jumping into a push-up made the watch's crown delve into my wrist and set off the Google Assistant coincidentally. It's not ideal and left me aching for my Fitbit.

I was satisfied, in any case, to find the crazy number of activities that Wear OS is promptly ready to follow; with certain choices taking into account individuals with inabilities. Bravo Google! It's a positive development and an ideal method of indicating that activity can be appreciated by anybody.

Performance & Battery Life

Similarly likewise with the ongoing lion's share of Fossil-planned smartwatches, the Access Runway is worked with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, a genuinely obsolete chipset when contrasted with the predominant Snapdragon Wear 3100.

Michael Kors promotes the Access Runway as having a 24-hour battery life, and keeping in mind that it's not altogether off-base, it relies upon what you do with the watch on some random day. At its best, subsequent to getting a moderate measure of notices and utilizing Google Pay sparingly, I had the option to end the day with a little more than 50% battery life left in the tank. That is amazing by Wear OS principles.

On one more day, nonetheless, a nine-minute bicycle ride with untethered GPS and pulse checking saw the battery plunge by 13 percent. When I returned home, I had next to no decision except for to run for the closest charging outlet.

Similarly likewise with the Armani Connected, dynamic pulse observing for the duration of the day will just hamper you an extra 10% before the day's over, so it's never an over the top concern to keep it turned on out of sight.

To capitalize on the Access Runway's battery, I prescribe killing the capacity to wake the gadget by flicking your wrist or tapping the screen, selecting rather to have the 'consistently on' include flipped. By having the opportunity promptly accessible at whatever point I required it, I felt less slanted to awaken the gadget and flick through its menus.


Pros Cons
Beautiful design Occasional lag
Tons of features There are better fitness trackers
Decent battery life Expensive


As one of the most alluring smartwatches available, the Access Runway has a ton making it work, and a huge amount of highlights for sure. With an excessive cost tag and dated equipment, notwithstanding, it's a hard proposal for all aside from the most fanatic of fashionistas.