Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Full Review

Shahriar Siam

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the Samsung smartwatch that was disclosed only months after we were acquainted with the principal Watch Active.

In contrast to the first, it presently comes in two sizes, has the choice of 4G/LTE remote network, will bring ECG (electrocardiogram) to the wrist later in 2020 – simply like the Apple Watch offers at this moment – and the pivoting bezel control is back (well, sort of).

That is completely bundled in a comparatively smooth, lively plan. Samsung has even banded together with Under Armor to make an extraordinary version, reflecting the organization Apple has with Nike for its smartwatch.

To possess it you'll have to pay more than what it cost to claim the principal Active. So is this the smartwatch you ought to purchase at this moment? Here's our full audit.


Product Dimensions 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.43 inches
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Item model number SM-R830NZKAXAR
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Manufacturer Samsung

Return of the rotating bezel

Put the two Galaxy Watch Active smartwatches next to each other and you'd be excused for speculation they are a similar watch. Get up somewhat closer, notwithstanding, and you can see some little contrasts that don't really have an enormous effect from an ease of use perspective. The second-gen is as yet an extremely pleasant, agreeable smartwatch to live with, yet it presents a couple of decent structure thrives.

We should manage the size choices first however: you have your pick of a 40mm (simply like the principal Active) and new bigger 44mm case. We've seen both very close and the two size choices despite everything figure out how to keep up that minimized, moderate look that is a major takeoff from 2018's Galaxy Watch.

Whatever size model you select, you have your pick of a tempered steel or aluminum case in different shading choices. The pink gold choices gives the Active 2 a more attractive look, while the dark variant we tried is the choice to go for on the off chance that you need something that carries on with all the more tactfully on your wrist.

You do in any case get that pleasant aluminum packaging that is held set up by a silicone tie. That tie utilizes the equivalent opening system, letting you change out those 20mm groups too. The entire bundle is waterproof to 50 meters profundity, coordinating any semblance of the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Versa in letting you take the Active 2 for a dunk in the pool.

There's as yet two physical catches flanking the touchscreen show, with a speaker grille over on the watch case. Around the back, you'll despite everything discover the pulse screen, however it's an alternate format to the first, which is probably going to do with the new ECG sensor (that ought to be enlivened in 2020).

The enormous new equipment expansion to the Active 2 is the touch bezel. In the wake of deciding to jettison the splendid turning bezel remembered for its past watches, Samsung has chosen to bring it back, abeit in an alternate structure. So it's out with the physical turning bezel and in with something that carries on with all the more carefully.

Samsung has since given an update that carries that touch bezel to the first Active, which implies the key plan contrast for the second-gen model lies in the size choices accessible. On the off chance that you think the 40mm Active is excessively little, the Active 2's greater model may simply bid.


The 40mm Watch Active 2 highlights a 1.2-inch AMOLED show, hopping up marginally in size from the 1.1-inch screen stuffed into the 40mm Watch Active. At the point when you decide on the 44mm model, there's obviously a bigger 1.4-inch screen, however this accompanies the equivalent 360 x 360 screen goals.

You can absolutely discover bigger and all the more overwhelming screen sizes on different smartwatches, yet you're not going to have a main problem tapping and choosing symbols and settings on this Samsung. Bringing back the touch bezel improves the situation as well.

What hasn't changed is that Samsung makes the absolute best smartwatch shows, as reaffirmed by the one found on the Watch Active 2. It's outstandingly brilliant, the hues are extraordinary, and the profound blacks make it a stunning spot to see the time or a portion of its further developed highlights. It's pleasantly responsive, offers solid survey edges even in brilliant daylight, and you do have the choice of a consistently show mode on the off chance that you need the screen on day in and day out.

While Samsung has concentrated on keeping the structure bundle smooth and insignificant, it is offering some presentation assurance through utilizing Corning's Gorilla Glass DX+ to offer a layer of toughness. We've not seen any stressing scratches or harm to the presentation presently with it, so it feels in any event like an associated watch that is all around worked for a touch of crude.

Features and fitness tracking

As the name proposes, the Active 2 is about wellbeing and wellness – and there's no deficiency of highlights to ensure it satisfies that. It tracks more than 39 exercises, with some hit-and-miss programmed practice acknowledgment; for manual following, there's an optical pulse screen, worked in GPS, and it offers swim following (as first presented on the Gear Sport).

In both water and when ashore, the Active 2 performs well from an exactness perspective, however is fairly let somewhere near inconvenient programming on the watch and Samsung's friend Health application (as far as the manner in which it presents your information and how to discover it). In case you're glad to utilize one of the upheld outsider wellness applications like Strava, you'll discover the wellness following experience unquestionably progressively charming and less baffling.

Samsung has included another running trainer mode that conveys sound prompts on your exhibition continuously, which you can hear by means of the locally available speaker or when combined with Bluetooth earphones. It possibly seems, by all accounts, to be perfect when your Watch is combined to an Android telephone however, with the goal that merits remembering for iPhone clients.

Discussing wellness following, the Active 2 covers the bases as far as step following, programmed rest checking, and you'll get pressure following fueled by pulse based estimations, as well. There's likewise that Apple Watch rings-esque presentation of your day by day movement adventures to get a speedy look at your advancement. Precision appears to be generally solid when contrasted with a Fitbit tracker, while there's some decent persuasive highlights to keep you moving during the day.

On the wellbeing front, Samsung is coordinating Apple by acquainting ECG with its smartwatch. That implies you'll have the option to take clinical evaluation pulse estimations that should make the way for offering genuine wellbeing bits of knowledge. The issue here is that it's not accessible at the hour of composing. While the equipment is set up to do it, Samsung should experience a comparable administrative procedure similarly as Apple did before it can begin letting individuals take those estimations.

Regarding supplanting your cell phone, you're getting the smartwatch staples on the Active 2 when matched with an Android telephone or an iPhone. Warnings for local and outsider applications are dealt with well and simple to retain when they channel through. Samsung Pay is ready for contactless installments and you can heap on your music including support for putting away Spotify playlists (for premium membership holders).

Samsung does likewise have its response to Siri and Alexa voice control, here as Bixby. It's sensibly capable at taking care of basic questions, however you're not going to get a full streaming discussion as it's basically only not there yet.

Battery Performance & Hardware

Fueling the presentation on the Active 2 is Samsung's double center Exynos 9110 processor with 1.5GB RAM. There's absolutely no indications of drowsiness with everyday use. Blending with a good telephone is accomplished by means of Bluetooth 5.0, there's Wi-Fi network as well, and now you do have the alternative of 4G/LTE. Those LTE models likewise give you some additional RAM to keep that exhibition quite smooth.

In the UK, telephone arrange EE can turn the component on to let you accept calls and get telephone warnings sans cell phone. On the off chance that you need to carry on with that untethered life, it pushes the cost up by more than £100 for the joy, so it merits considering whether you will utilize those.

On the battery front, you can hope to discover a marginally bigger battery within the 44mm Active 2. That implies battery life will shift over the models and in case you're utilizing a Bluetooth or 4G/LTE model. Samsung says you ought to have the option to go anyplace from three to four days, which would be an enhancement for the somewhat baffling battery life on the principal Active.

In testing, when you factor in highlights like games following, utilizing the consistently in plain view mode, and the smartwatch highlights like music spilling, we accomplished around a few days on our 40mm Active 2 Bluetooth model. We envision utilizing LTE network will affect on that presentation, however we didn't get the chance to test that model out.

In this manner the Samsung is a somewhat preferable entertainer over an Apple Watch, however misses the mark regarding what you can get from the Fitbit Versa or the Garmin Venu.

One pleasant component is the remote charging support, which means you can drop the watch onto the rear of a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10 cell phone to top up the battery when you can't locate the little charging plate that comes packaged with the new Active.


Samsung looks to its own in-house Tizen OS to run the product appear, which likewise has the telephone driven One UI overlaid on top.

What you get is a working framework that is very much improved for those roundabout watch environmental factors, with the capacitive touch bezel that is pleasantly incorporated into the experience. From a convenience perspective, it's more Apple WatchOS and less WearOS as in there's no precarious expectation to absorb information.

What the Samsung doesn't impart to its Apple Watch rival is a customer facing facade overflowing with applications. It's been Samsung's achilles heel for quite a long time, however in case you're not worried all that much about applications, it won't sway on your day by day experiences with the Watch Active 2.

Samsung has included some fascinating programming additional items, similar to My Style mode to enable your watch to confront look coordinate your day's outfit. It's likewise bringing improved Twitter reconciliation making it simpler to tweet, retweet and like from the watch. It additionally underpins the capacity to watch YouTube recordings, however very for what reason you'd need to do that from a screen that size we are not entirely certain.


Pros Cons
Digital haptic dial control is great Pricey upgrade
Still decent 2-day battery life Still very few third-party apps
Attractive minimalist design Sleep-tracking needs some work
Good battery life


The Galaxy Watch Active 2 takes everything that dazzled on the main gen model and packs in significantly more highlights into its alluring, energetic plan. It's additionally ideal to have another size choice to look over for those that idea the first was excessively little.