Samsung Gear S2 review

Shahriar Siam

With regards to Samsung smartwatches, our Gear S2 audit kicks off something new. At no other time have we had the option to portray a Samsung smartwatch as attractive, natural or – in particular of all – perfect.

With its Swatch-like looks and capacity to play pleasantly with rival Android cell phones, Samsung has played out a marvelous U-turn. The outcome is a striking wearable that gets as much right as its ancestors got off-base. Peruse on to discover why Samsung is back in the game.


Product Dimensions 2 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight 1.3 ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required
Computer Memory Size 4 GB
Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Voice Command Touch_screen
Manufacturer Samsung


It's noteworthy what number of bases Samsung has shrouded in only two plans: the standard Gear S2 and the upscaled Gear S2 Classic. It ought to be noticed that the treated steel and plastic versions appear as though watches and feel all around made – and in the event that you've at any point worn a past Samsung smartwatch, you'll realize that is enormous news.

On the off chance that we'd had a decision of which Gear S2 structure we like, we'd need to pick the Classic. The furrowed bezel, cowhide tie and littler body consolidate for an excellent vibe, and it tends to be effectively fitted with outsider ties. Also, both are presently a similar cost in the wake of accepting slices because of the appearance of the Gear S3.

One note to make reference to, however, is that we haven't got an opportunity to test the Gear S2 with 3G and GPS – the undeniable decision to contrast with the Sony SmartWatch 3 or Moto 360 Sport in the event that you need a less expensive smartwatch for regular use, just as running or preparing

With two unique plans and a lot of various lashes, there's some decision of style in the Samsung Gear S2 line-up, however it can't equal any semblance of Apple for personalisation choices. While the Gear S2 Classic, with its calfskin lash, glances more in accordance with a Fossil watch, the plastic tied Gear S2 shares more for all intents and purpose with a Swatch. This is key for a few reasons. Initially, the Samsung Gear S2 doesn't make a decent attempt. With its pre-stacked watch faces it looks fun and unusual. It's doing whatever it takes not to be as tasteful as an Omega or as blingy as a Michael Kors. It has a sure style and it interprets well.

One of our solitary reactions here is that the 11.4mm thick S2 is still very stout and sits very high on the head of your wrist. This is like the second gen Motorola and if there's one assurance about the up and coming age of gadgets it's that they will be slimmer, yet right now smartwatches are as yet stout. The Classic will work for ladies yet it wouldn't be our first suggestion. In any case, one thing is without a doubt – we are so distant from the primary Gear watch. This is a cleaned, unisex, round smartwatch that nobody will be embarrassed about wearing.

That rotating bezel

The Gear S2's turning bezel is by a wide margin our preferred thing about the piece. Instead of attempt to vanish the bezel inside and out like Motorola or prepare it up to seem as though a customary wristwatch like LG, Samsung has changed it into a fantastic, addictive and above all, natural method of connecting with the smartwatch.

At the point when you move your hand to drift over the watch on your wrist it's the specific spot your fingers land, in any event, when you aren't looking down yet, and gratitude to some smart UI structure in its Tizen OS – more on that later – you can switch between applications, cycle back to warnings, change volume and splendor all in a similar smooth movement.

So, it's virtuoso we're still yet to perceive any adversaries exploit a similar component, in spite of Android Wear 2.0 having the ability to get this going.

It's quicker than Apple's Digital Crown on the Watch and the touchscreen goads and motions of Android Wear. You can control everything with your finger on the correct portion of the bezel (in case you're correct given) which implies you will consistently have the option to see the entire presentation.

The bezel's nearest rival here is in reality a generally secret Chinese watch, planned by Frog configuration, called the Ticwatch which has a capacitive strip on the external edge.

There are likewise two catches on the right-hand edge of the round watch body: 'back' at two o'clock and 'home' at four o'clock. The first of these is in the ideal position, the second can be somewhat irritating to move your hand around to press. You can set a twofold tap of the home catch to dispatch an application, for example, the music player or guides, which is helpful, however not at all like say, a Pebble, so as to choose an application or hampering it's to goading the touchscreen.


With such a great amount of affection for the pivoting bezel you may neglect to give appropriate consideration to the splendid, striking and sharp 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen. It's littler than some smartwatch screens and set into the watch so it doesn't look very as present day as the Moto 360 2. Be that as it may, this fair builds its retro/great appeal.

At 360 x 360 pixels, the Gear S2's screen has a great pixel thickness of 302ppi, which implies you can decide to set the textual style little and see more messages or warnings on one screen as you look through them. It's as pin-sharp as the littler Apple Watch and it appears. What's more, obviously for a Samsung item, it can go extremely splendid – presumably excessively brilliant, however, as most days we agreed to a low, effectively lucid setting.

Health and fitness

Such huge numbers of wellbeing and wellness highlights are catapulted onto smartwatches nowadays, we'll center around what Samsung progresses admirably. Step tallying is precise and S Health offers some effectively glanceable designs to demonstrate your advancement to explicit objectives set in the cell phone application.

On the off chance that you need to be progressively dynamic, the Gear S2 can vibrate to remind you you've been plunking down for about an hour and furthermore give you the time you've been dormant just as dynamic – all helpful, persuasive stuff. Different cautions incorporate advance objective accomplished and solid pace. You can likewise include that you've drank a glass of water or mug of espresso with one tap (when you've arrived at that screen with the bezel) which is actually the sort of thing a smartwatch can help with.

The S2 won't supplant your games watch, particularly as neither the normal nor Classic models have GPS, yet there are a few endeavors to give you that choice. It auto tracks strolling, running and cycling, with appraisals of calories consumed, which is ideal for the sort of easygoing client who might consider the Gear S2 as an all-rounder. Despite the fact that it detected our night run, it likewise had a blip when it once – just a single time – classed sitting on the couch as light action. Nike+ Running is likewise preloaded and is a superior decision for customary sprinters as it shows time, separation and pace directly on the watch face.

The pulse screen on the underside of the Gear S2 is better than as well, and keeping in mind that it's not any more exact than the tech you'll discover on an Android Wear watch, it's significantly increasingly valuable. It can take on the spot readings and can likewise be set to consistently gauge your heartbeat at spans with two settings, moderate or incessant.

At the point when you're not working out, you can likewise label your bpm readings as 'resting', 'before work out', 'after exercise' or with dispositions, for example, 'energized' and 'irate' so you can watch out for your heart's wellbeing. The application additionally informs you as to whether your resting pulse is normal or lower/higher than normal, however the details get irritating decently fast.

Battery life and charging

The battery life on the Gear S2 is somewhat above what you'd expect for smartwatches - it's as yet not going to overwhelm you, yet in addition won't kill you inside a day. Obviously, this additionally depends how you use it – regardless of whether you go for the consistently on screen, the amount you use applications like S Voice and Maps, and so forth. Be that as it may, when utilizing the S2 as much as we've utilized Android Wear watches everyday, Samsung's smartwatch is the one remaining standing. The 300mAh battery inside is authoritatively useful for three days – we haven't received more than two and a piece days in return, even without the screen 'consistently on', however we're certain it can go for longer with lighter use.

To discover the battery level, you swipe down from the watch face, precisely equivalent to on Android Wear. Particularly worth referencing is the sublime Power Saving mode. We went out on 15% battery one daytime having neglected to dock the S2 in its clean remote charging dock for the time being. We popped power saving money on and it got us home from work before the Gear conked out. This switches the watch face to a straightforward grayscale screen, impairs everything separated from alarms, calls and messages and turns off Wi-Fi. So, it's superb and it implies you won't be wearing a clear hover on your wrist on your drive home.

With respect to that dock, it's a carbon copy of the Moto 360 dock (somewhat littler) and assists with building racing into your day by day schedule. The main irritation accompanies expecting to charge your watch at work or when voyaging, yet the vast majority of the time we lean toward this sort of dock to an arbitrary restrictive support.


Pros Cons

Smart round design

Connectivity bugs

Good quality material

Limited apps

Vast support for Android smartphones

Minor interface lags

IP68 Certification

Great display

Intuitive interface


Notwithstanding as yet looking and feeling increasingly like a tech darling's gadget, and the absence of a solid engineer network, at dispatch the Gear S2 was by a wide margin Samsung's best smartwatch. It's as yet a strong alternative for Android clients yet the Samsung Gear S3 unquestionably offers more.