Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review

Shahriar Siam

The Samsung Gear S3 is a watch that pulled out all the stops in an offer to coordinate the achievement of the Apple Watch 2 (and in this manner the Apple Watch 3 and 4) - and we imply that truly.

This is a tremendous watch that offers all the highlights you'd anticipate from a smartwatch, including GPS, a pulse screen, water obstruction, NFC, movement following, an altimeter and now and again even LTE.

It sets them with an extraordinary screen, a dependable battery and - like Apple - a significant expense, all enveloped with either a lively 'Outskirts' finish or a more intelligent 'Exemplary' look.

That cost, and the way that the Gear S3 runs Tizen instead of Wear OS (and has far less applications thus), could keep it down. That is particularly since there are watches available like the LG Watch Sport, Fitbit Ionic and the Huawei Watch 2.

One of the key selling focuses is the reality the Gear S3 is good with the most recent Samsung telephones, yet in addition with most other Android telephones running adaptation 4.4 of the OS or later, as long as they have at any rate 1.5GB of RAM.

After dispatch, the organization likewise reported help for iOS gadgets, from the iPhone 5 onwards, insofar as they're running in any event iOS 9 programming. The odds are that your present telephone will work with the Samsung Gear S3, and, urgently, that you won't be secured to a specific cell phone working framework or brand down the line.

There's likewise now the later Samsung Gear Sport watch that has a littler structure, however is in any case fundamentally the same as the Gear S3. On head of that, the organization has even supplanted the Gear S3 with the Samsung Galaxy Watch.


Product Dimensions 1.81 x 1.93 x 0.51 inches
Item Weight 2.24 ounces
Item model number SM-R760NDAAXAR
Batteries 2 CR123A batteries required.
Operating System Android Smartphones (Compatible with Android 4.4 and up, 1.5GB RAM and higher)
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth
Special Features Activity Tracker
Battery Power 380 milliamp_hours

Samsung Gear S3 price and release date 

The Gear S3 began life at $349/£349/AU$399, which is costly for a brilliant watch. We've currently observed the value drop to around $280/£250, which is certainly not a tremendous rebate considering it has since been supplanted by the Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch.

We'd suggest taking a gander at both the Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch before choosing to purchase the Gear S3 as the cost is comparable however this is a more established gadget.

You can likewise get the TUMI-structured Frontier Gear S3 in the US, with a tie that arrives in a "signature Earl Gray colorway and is built from an Italian canvas, which includes a hardened steel clasp and sewed edge enumerating, is sufficiently sturdy to oppose water, residue, or harsh conditions you may experience on your undertakings."


At 59g the Gear S3 Classic probably won't sound overwhelming, yet it absolutely feels it. What's more, that bodes well when you consider that the Apple Watch 3 weighs anyplace somewhere in the range of 26.7g and 52.8g and the Samsung Gear S2 is considerably lighter at 42g.

It's enthusiastic about the wrist as well, yet it's certainly a high-caliber and business-like watch, with a portion of that weight likely originating from the 1.3-inch screen and the metal edge around it. It's additionally worked to last, with IP68 accreditation for residue and water obstruction.

Samsung has additionally placed some idea into how you ought to work the Gear S3, giving you a pivoting bezel and two fastens that you can use just as the small touchscreen.

The bezel is the principle strategy for route, and one of the champion highlights of Samsung's ongoing smartwatches.

It's basically a dial that you can turn left or option to look through screens and records, or select applications. Abnormally, there's no affirm key however, so to really dispatch an application once you've featured it you'll need to tap the screen, which is odd when such a significant number of your communications with the Gear S3 are button-based.

It's not the most liquid method of getting things done - in spite of the fact that you can set up the Gear S3 to have the option to open an application in the event that you float the spot over the product you extravagant.

Of the two real fastens, the two of which are as an afterthought, one takes you to the home screen and your applications, while the other is a back catch, and keeping in mind that recalling which will be which can take some time, over the long run you'll get the hang of them.

Flip the Gear S3 over and you'll discover the pulse screen, which can follow your heart thumps for the duration of the day.

This makes it undeniably more feasible as a wellness tracker than some smartwatches, and makes it particularly speaking to any individual who needs to screen changes in their resting pulse.

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic accompanies a calfskin lash in the crate. The calfskin is better than average quality, yet very solid from the outset, so you'll have to wear it in before it gets quite adaptable.

The lash associates by means of a standard 22mm pin, which is a twofold edged blade, as in spite of the fact that it implies there are a lot of elective tie choices, it likewise makes them an agony to switch over.

That won't be an issue for everybody, except it will be in case you're wanting to utilize the Gear S3 as a wellness tracker, since you'll most likely need to stay with a sportier, sweat-safe tie, to some degree destroying the 'Work of art' look. You'll additionally need to put resources into another tie.

In the event that you are searching for something that is as much wellness tracker as smartwatch, you may be in an ideal situation simply purchasing the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, as this accompanies a somewhat progressively rough plan and a rubber treated lash as standard.

It's marginally heavier, tipping the scales at 62g, however separated from the look and lash of the gadget there aren't numerous different contrasts to the Gear S3 Classic. You can even utilize indistinguishable lashes from the Gear S3 Classic in the event that you ever need to go for a somewhat progressively formal look.

In the US you'll additionally have the option to purchase a LTE rendition of the Gear S3 Frontier, and soon of the Gear S3 Classic also, however versatile information isn't accessible on either in the UK right now.


The 1.3-inch 360 x 360 Super AMOLED screen on the Samsung Gear S3 is, obviously, truly outstanding available. Samsung reliably makes probably the best cell phone screens, and it's utilizing the very same innovation here, for splendid, clear visuals.

Samsung is additionally building up the way that the Gear S3 utilizes an Always On Display, the equivalent utilized in the Galaxy S8 cell phone territory. This alternatively keeps the screen somewhat lit up consistently, so you can generally observe the time, however as you may anticipate, it's not kind on the battery.

All things considered, you'll need the screen on however much as could reasonably be expected, in light of the fact that it's wonderfully splendid and clear. The round structure is additionally incredible tastefully, however makes perusing text at the base of the screen trickier than on a square smartwatch face.

It isn't so difficult to peruse truly, yet it looks somewhat muddled. It would likewise be acceptable if there was a programmed 'don't upset' (DND) mode here, which you could turn on when you're sleeping or the film, so you're not continually blazing like the world's littlest beacon with each slight development.

The primary concern to note about the Samsung Gear S3 is exactly what a small number of applications it has ready. It's an odd circumstance where one of the world's greatest makers can't keep the greatest brands ready.

There are some applications beginning to channel through. Spotify brought disconnected playlist synchronizing to the Gear S3 (and S2, while we're here) which implies you can at long last leave the telephone at home when going out running with tunes.

In any case, some applications are as yet confounding. for example, Nike+ running. This was a major element when the Gear S2 was propelled in 2015, with a solid wellness point and this committed application to interface you with your running mates and expel the need to spend a ton of money on an extraordinary new running watch.

There is an option for sprinters in Pear, a free application that offers sound instructing, pulse following, separation, pace and calories. However, this is as yet a major hole in the S3's portfolio.

However, that application out of nowhere vanished with the Gear S2, and has given no indications of springing up again now the better than ever model is out on shop floors. Indeed, aside from its own applications and a couple of arbitrary games, the Samsung Gear S3 is relatively understocked.

New applications have separated through. For instance, Under Armor's food-following MyFitnessPal and Under Armor Record are currently installed for disconnected GPS following, as are Nest smarthome and Uber.

It's odd for such a major brand to do not have an application environment, however probably in light of the fact that the S3 runs Tizen, Samsung's own working framework, engineers need to re-code their own applications just to help another sort of gadget.

That, however to download these applications you need to go to Samsung's own application entry, as opposed to being capable catch them from the Google Play Store. So there are some extensive obstructions here.

With Wear OS (beforehand Android Wear) gadgets, on the off chance that you download an application that is got a watch-good application implanted it will consequently introduce on your smartwatch too. With Samsung, you'll have to download that application from its own entry - which is less all around supplied and harder to explore.

It just shows how subordinate Samsung truly is on Google - the South Korean brand would never utilize its Tizen working framework on telephones rather than Android, as there would be scarcely any applications accessible that the Galaxy range would shrivel and bite the dust like Windows Phone gadgets.

 Battery life

The battery pushed into the Samsung Gear S3 is 380mAh, which should keep going for an OK measure of time. What's more, in truth you'll effectively get a multi day's utilization out of this watch, and unmistakably more on the off chance that you don't do anything with the GPS following or fire it up routinely.

All things considered, 'much' more is a touch of an exaggeration - you'll draw nearer to three days' utilization on a solitary charge, yet for a huge touchscreen like this current it is anything but an awful outcome by any stretch of the imagination. It's likewise speedy to charge thinking of it as' remote, simply being dropped into the dock and abruptly started up.

It shows that Apple is in effect somewhat close with its charger contributions: Samsung's plastic dock is strong however doesn't feel costly, and there's no explanation Apple couldn't have offered something very similar at the significant expense of the Apple Watch.

In case you're down to no charge left on the watch, there's no rapid squeezing on offer however - you'll have to hold up two or three hours to get it near the most extreme, and the 'time staying' counter isn't too great either - it'll bob around rather inconsistently.

Regarding how well it keeps going when running, the long test demonstrated that the Samsung Gear S3 is one of the better entertainers with regards to control the board in a hurry.

It'll follow your pulse and your speed/separation for four hours and just have lost half of the battery, which is much better than Apple's alternative.

Be that as it may, leave the Always On Display running and stream music over Bluetooth when you're going for a run, and you can really drop about half of the battery life in less than an hour or two - the Gear S3 doesn't care for everything running simultaneously.

We ran each day with the Gear S3 lashed to the wrist, and found that in case you're working out for about an hour daily it'll despite everything get to 48 hours without waiting be squeezed back up insofar as you're cautious.

It's likewise pleasant that there's a low-power mode: switch it on and the Gear S3 will give you restricted data in monochrome, which truly expands the life of your watch.

There's even an 'I'm almost out of juice' mode for when things are perilously low, yet that is practically pointless as we were unable to turn out to be the manner by which to make the time appear, in spite of as yet being turned on.

Since we've at first surveyed the Samsung Gear S3, the organization has refreshed the product and says the battery life will be improved. We've yet to test this, yet we would like to do as such for a future update to this audit.


Pros Cons
Animated always-on display Very large on the wrist
Great activity tracking GPS tracking suspect
Intuitive interface Severe lack of apps
Good voice control Heavy


The Samsung Gear S3 is adequately the fourth smartwatch from the brand, and every emphasis includes something cool - and having GPS has a major effect to what we need to do with this watch.