Samsung Gear Sport review

Shahriar Siam

Samsung's Gear Sport seems to have two clear objectives: be slimmer than the earlier year's Gear S3 model, and acquire swimming help.

In the troublesome smartwatch showcase, so scarcely any overhauls appear to be somewhat hazardous - however on the other hand, given the Gear S3 was a conventional watch it probably won't be the most noticeably terrible thought.

Samsung's been offering some market-driving abilities with its advanced watches for some time, so is the Gear Sport the ideal combination?


Product Dimensions 1.75 x 1.69 x 0.46 inches
Item Weight 2.4 ounces
Item model number SM-R600NZKAXAR
Batteries 1 CR123A batteries required. (included)
Operating System Tizen OS::Android::iOS
Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi::Bluetooth::Bluetooth Profiles::NFC
Voice Command Touch_screen
Department Samsung Gear Sport Black

Samsung Gear Sport price and release date

The Samsung Gear Sport propelled at an expensive $299/£299/AU$499. In any case, it has since dropped in cost and would now be able to be found from around $220/£220/AU$320.

While it was before a touch of extravagance those value cuts make it rather progressively reasonable, undermining the Apple Watch 3 by a piece and the Apple Watch 4 by a great deal. That additionally obviously makes it a reasonable piece less expensive than the fresher Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Actually, while still a long way from passage level, it is one of the less expensive Samsung Gear watches available now, as the Gear S3 is gradually being ceased and is inquisitively ascending in cost. You can in any case purchase the Gear S2, however that is a little ancient at this point.

The Samsung Gear Sport was discharged on October 27 2017, or November 1 in case you're right now dwelling in Australia.

Design and screen

Given the key focal point of the Samsung Gear Sport is tied in with making a progressively minimized gadget, it's peculiarly heavier than the models from a year ago - we're not talking huge contrasts, yet it's almost 10 grams and you can feel that on the wrist particularly.

Be that as it may, by and large it's a littler gadget, coming in with the more minimized elements of 44.6 x 42.9 x 11.6 mm - it looks definitely more like an ordinary watch than past riggings before it, which keeping up the equivalent rough sensibilities that we like to see for watches of this expense.

It's very much made also - you know when you get it that you're getting a watch that is costing somewhat more, and with extravagance being a key differentiator with watches contrasted with different devices, this is significant.

The bezel and metal body have next to no undesirable development, and it doesn't feel excessively close against the wrist. Obviously, that relies upon the lash, and at 20mm you'll have the option to switch these out for a more extensive scope of 'conventional' groups from different shops.

Given the name implies vigorously at wellness the elastic band that comes in the crate is okay, however you do have choices.

It's a genuine torment to get the lash through the holding circles on occasion - particularly irritating when you have to get moving for an exercise - so you'll require somewhat more consideration there.

The 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen is as clear and dynamic as you'd anticipate from Samsung - it can fail on the darker side as a matter of course (as you'd expect given the South Korean brand is attempting to spare battery) yet on the off chance that you wrench up the brilliance it's effectively intelligible consistently.

It's irritating that it's somewhat littler than earlier years - 1.2-inch versus 1.3-inch - as we need however much to take a gander at as could reasonably be expected on a smartwatch, yet in the event that that is the cost of an increasingly conservative gadget, we can comprehend.

Round plans don't appear as much as a squarer showcase, however offer a superior stylish on the wrist (and Apple has practically possessed the square structure, so anything comparable would be viewed as a duplicate).

The Samsung Gear Sport is very much machined with a solid shell, clear screen and powerful glass on top. That slimmer structure comes at the expense of battery size (and we don't know where the additional weight has originated from) yet by and large this is a premium smartwatch… which you'd trust in the cost.

Spotify and apps

One reason to purchase the Samsung Gear Sport is that it's the first (however not, at this point just) 'Spotify Watch' - and it's an unfathomably shrewd move from the South Korean brand.

The capacity to match up disconnected tracks from Spotify implies, unexpectedly, this is a watch you effectively need to take out on runs. Include a couple of Bluetooth earphones and sync some music from the spilling stage, and you're totally kitted out and telephone free on a since a long time ago run.

Setting up the administration is as fiddly as can be - you'll have to type in a secret phrase utilizing an old fashioned T9 console (those mature enough to recall the beginning of messaging will realize what that implies) and peck out your username and secret phrase.

In any case, once in the UI is quite smooth and usable - the playlists are the place you anticipate that them should be, and a tap will download them for disconnected use.

Skirting through tracks is a tad fiddly on the littler screen - despite the fact that you can utilize the pivoting bezel - and it's a bad dream to adjust the volume.

It's one of those frameworks where you can do it, yet it is difficult - it's not even close as basic a framework as the one Apple's carried with Music on its Watch, where everything streams and is directly readily available when required.

Additionally, we continually found the Gear Sport disclosing to us that Spotify was 'playing' in spite of having no solid yield… it appeared to take a little lump of battery life, and chaos up our playlist playback.

The different applications are entirely simple on the Samsung Gear Sport, with just a genuine bunch of decisions for your delectation. As referenced, is there, yet there's no Strava application, no Nike Plus, and numerous different titles we had a feeling that were absent from the stage - albeit Under Armor Record is there, in case you're implanted in that stage.

This isn't really a gigantic issue - we're seeing that it's increasingly significant that the nuts and bolts are secured with a smartwatch, for example, coordinated exercises, pleasant alarms and progressively pertinent warnings.

It's decent that you can answer to a WhatsApp message, for example, without expecting to open the application, however in any case in case you're hoping to increase the abilities of the Gear Sport you're not going to discover a great deal here other than some outsider applications that you'll be reluctant to take a risk on.

For example: probably the best component of the Apple Watch is the breathing activity application, helping you quiet during that time or get the chance to rest all the more without any problem. In any case, while you can download something comparative in work for the Gear Sport, it's siloed inside an application and doesn't offer you notices.

What's more, the usefulness is simple, best case scenario - it's an arraignment on how the application store is understocked, and won't show signs of improvement as long as Samsung doesn't have a monstrous client base to make for.

Fitness tracking

How about we move this: the Samsung Gear Sport is as yet a normal wellness tracker. That is not as far as the things it can screen and do - they're stunningly broad - it's the manner by which somewhat disturbing they all are to utilize.

How about we start with the wellness tracker, as that is one of the better wellbeing components of the Gear Sport. The progression and calorie consuming highlights are entirely strong, giving you a pleasant thought of what's new with you during the day.

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This is made an interpretation of well into valuable data into how dynamic you are every day, and it synchronizes with Samsung Health, the application to screen your body.

You can likewise follow what number of stairwells climbed, set objectives for how far you need to walk every day, and effectively perceive how dynamic you've been in some random period through the application.

Be that as it may, the Gear Sport likewise vows to be an extraordinary ally for following your calorie admission - which it's truly not. You can enter the measure of calories you're eating during a supper in physically yet you're fundamentally simply speculating except if you happen to know the sum exactly.

That is fine - we wouldn't expect the Gear Sport to have the broad database of calorie esteems that the telephone does (and it's a decent element in fact) yet Samsung is making it a selling purpose of the watch.

The equivalent with water or caffeine consumption - it's incredible that you can tell the watch the amount you've had, however it requires manual section each time and that is unsteady since we as a whole neglect to transfer a few things every now and then.

The explanation we're not sold on the Gear Sport as a wellness tracker is it doesn't offer anything new. Samsung's assets are with the end goal that it without a doubt can be one of the leaders around there, learning your movement levels for the duration of the day and giving you jabs and indicates the correct time.

All things considered, it's for the most part an imbecilic tracker that gives you festivity or reprobation the following day relying upon how you did. What wellness groups need to do is get more brilliant and more astute, getting all encompassing in their comprehension of your rest designs, water admission, carbohydrate content and movement levels.

Were Samsung to offer that, it would be a vastly improved impetus to include water and food all the more precisely.

Talking about rest following, that is one of the better components of the Gear Sport, with a devoted update showing up every morning when you fire up the Samsung Health application.

It's irritating that watch itself takes an hour or two to show you a similar data on the off chance that you've not synchronized - how well you dozed is something you need to realize the moment you've woken up to contrast with how you feel - however when it shows up at any rate the watch shows the phases of res well.

Notwithstanding, your rest adequacy is just checked as far as the time you nod off and wake up, contrasted with the time you said you needed to do as such. It would be obviously better to have a few clues on the most proficient method to rest better during the night, which is strangely what the Samsung Health application on the telephone is commonly acceptable at in different wellness territories.

The other issue with rest following is the battery life - as you have to charge the watch each couple of days you'll just get a night or two's rest data before you'll need to control it up overnight, so it's difficult to rely upon the Gear Sport as a standard rest tracker.

As referenced, Samsung Health is an extremely solid application for following all that you could seek after - there's a choice to evaluate such huge numbers of parts of your wellbeing, and it synchronizes well with the Gear Sport to give you charts on calorie admission, rest, water, wellness… practically all that you'd need to take a gander at.

Once more, it could be progressively sagacious in what it does with that information, yet in case you're simply hoping to check how you did on a specific day, at that point this is the place you'll see that.


With regards to swimming, this is essentially the greatest expansion to the Gear Sport - and it's unremarkable.

Maybe that is somewhat uncalled for - all things considered, you can follow swimming through the fundamental exercise application, utilize the connection with Speedo to utilize the across the board Speedo ON application to screen your sprinkling, or there's an incredible application accessible to download also.

But, you can't spare any swims to the primary Samsung Health application in the event that you use Speedo (the application Samsung is advancing), which implies you'll pass up wellness action minutes in case you're utilizing the Speedo application.

As far as how the exactness is... it's not incredible. It gave us low stroke means every length (frequently saying seven to eight when we timed 21) and keeping in mind that it for the most part gave a right number of lengths finished, we needed to delay to let it get up to speed after four.

Speedo ON is a fine application - having the option to control the granular degree of the pool length is a decent touch, for example - yet it is anything but a ton diverse to the principle exercise application, and the main advantage is having the option to match up your swimming exercises to the Speedo ON stage.

Else, it experienced indistinguishable restrictions from the inbuilt application, making it difficult to perceive any reason why Samsung wasted time with the connection in the event that it was going to keep its own product. is by a long shot the most remarkable application on the Gear Sport, with the capacity to do spans, penetrates and set focuses for an assortment of alternatives - however the application was carriage, not permitting us to look through records appropriately without it flicking everywhere.

It was sensible, however it shows that the application isn't advanced for the Gear Sport, and is characteristic of the general degree of exertion that application creators are placing into this watch.

In case you're a devoted swimmer, we wouldn't propose you purchase the Gear Sport... also, in case you're an amateur we wouldn't either. Indeed, Speedo ON is a pleasant stage to be a piece of, however a less expensive Garmin will give more measurements and spare your advancement similarly.

Battery life

Something that we cherished about the Samsung Gear S3 is that watch had brilliant battery life, with as long as four days' utilization from a solitary charge.

The Gear Sport has a littler battery (in spite of being heavier, for reasons unknown) but mysteriously doesn't pack a similar time between charges... it's down to around over two days between expecting to put the Gear S3 in the committed remote charging dock.

This little dock, associated by microUSB, is incredible at charging your watch, and on the off chance that you thud it in the charger each a few days you'll see that you once in a while come up short on juice.

What's goading about this is, as referenced above, you don't generally develop back to back rest following days, as you'll have to charge it short-term more often than not. On the off chance that the battery life was four or five days it would be sensible, however this shorter time between charges truly smarts.


Likewise, while the Gear Sport charges utilizing the Qi charging standard, you can't put it on a standard remote charging square and expectation that you'll get some juice... it simply doesn't work.

We can't condemn the Gear Sport a lot for battery life, as Samsung's Tizen working framework is one of the least fatty and generally productive for a smartwatch.

In any case, we can't perceive any reason why the Gear Sport is more awful for battery life than the Gear S3, and with raise-to-wake being so helpless it's enticing to leave the consistently in plain view running so you'll know the time... yet, this will see your battery life slide drastically, as will continually music spilling from your wrist.

We can't resist feeling baffled with the Samsung Gear Sport - however it's difficult to say what's actually so terrible regarding it.

It does the rudiments fine and dandy - you'll get step information through, all way of warnings and can utilize it to follow the odd run truly well.


Pros Cons
Sleeker design Poor exercise tracking
Offline Spotify playback GPS performance erratic
Samsung health is effective Heart rate monitor not effective
Good fitness-tracking features Limited features when connected to iPhone


The Gear Sport is a fine smartwatch - yet fine in the feeling of normal, not extravagance. It does exactly what its ancestor does in a marginally sleeker and more water-safe way, yet brings down the battery life to some degree. With the more seasoned model vanishing from the racks, this is as yet a strong Samsung watch... be that as it may, a sorry advance forward.