Withings Steel HR review

Shahriar Siam

A lot of individuals presently need to wear a wellness tracker to watch out for their means and exercise system, yet not every person needs a plastic, eye-getting gadget like the Fitbit Charge 3 or Huawei Band 2 Pro sat on their wrist.

Wellness trackers aren't characteristically alluring looking wrist wear, with many looking abnormal on the finish of your arm – however imagine a scenario where each one of those following highlights were incorporated with a watch.

The Withings Steel HR is attempting to push the limit of what we've seen inside a mixture watch, joining an exemplary structure with wellness following highlights. The bizarre thing is, we've seen nearly this identical item previously.

Initially propelled under the name of the Withings Steel HR, Nokia then assumed control over the brand and renamed the item the Nokia Steel HR. At that point Nokia wellness items were rebranded back to the Withings name, so again it's known as the Withings Steel HR.

You may in any case have the option to get it under the name Nokia Steel HR, yet the item will be the equivalent separated from the name that you'll discover on the watch. We've tried the two renditions of the watch, yet as you can no longer effectively purchase the Nokia release so this survey will just allude to the Withings Steel HR.


Brand Withings
Model Steel HR
Compatibility iOS10+, Android 6.0+
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy needed
Water Resistants 165 feet, 50m, 5ATM
Battery (normale use) Up to 25 days
Sensors Heart rate, Day & Night motion, MEMS 3-axis accelerometer
Alarm Slight vibration

Withings Steel HR price and release date 

The Withings Steel HR is out now in the US, UK and Australia, however as we've said you may discover it under the Nokia marking. There are three renditions of the wearable that you can look over as well.

The 36mm Steel HR cost $179.95/£169.95/$299.95 at dispatch, while the 40mm model was somewhat more at $199.95/£179.95/AU$339.95. The most costly form is as yet the rose gold 36mm variety, which propelled at $219.95/£219.95/AU$359.95.

You're probably going to discover it limited further now as it has been out for some time, so make certain to look around to discover a lower cost. We've seen it at around $99.99/£125/AU$290 for the least expensive model.

That is a lot more costly than the Withings Steel and Withings Go wellness trackers, so value insightful you can think about this as a genuinely top of the line gadget. There is currently the Withings Steel HR Sport, which is the organization's most costly tracker that accompanies a couple of additional top-end highlights.


The Steel HR is the most watch-like wellness tracker we've seen. It looks a lot of like an exemplary watch you'd wear on your wrist and is in reality somewhat slimmer than models from the greater part of the enormous name watch brands.

It looks appealing and has a top notch structure that gadgets like the past results of the Withings Activité Pop and Withings Go have been missing.

We utilized the 36mm Withings Steel HR, yet you can likewise get a 40mm form of the watch on the off chance that you have bigger wrists. The 40mm form is still rather little however and we've heard a few grievances that it's in reality excessively little on the wrist.

The watch face is accessible in dark or white on the 36mm adaptation, while on the off chance that you settle on the 40mm choice you'll just have the option to get it in dark. You likewise have the choice of a rose gold form in 36mm, additionally with a white or dark watch face.

For us however, this is the ideal size. It's marginally thicker than different Withings gadgets, which was probably important to put a pulse tracker inside the thing, however it's as yet very little thicker than your normal watch.

Contrasted with smartwatches accessible available, the littler size and slimmer structure makes this substantially more agreeable to wear.

The lash decisions for the Steel HR are sturdy and feel great on your wrist. We utilized a silicon one, which won't get messy when you're making the rounds and is sufficiently simple to wipe off when you have everything sweat-soaked during an exercise.

A few gadgets have had protests about their silicon ties -, for example, a portion of the early Fitbit items - yet this tie shouldn't cause you any skin disturbance.

For our audit we had a dark adaptation of the tie, however you can likewise get white, red, purple, naval force, blue and dim silicone lashes for the 36mm while the 40mm is accessible with either blue or red.

There is additionally a calfskin choice for the two watches in dark while the 36mm form likewise accompanies an earthy colored other option. In the event that you incline toward a woven look, you can likewise purchase lashes for the 36mm watch in blue, orange or yellow with costs beginning at $39.95 (£34.95, AU$62).

The silicon alternatives start at $24.95 (£24.95, about AU$40) while calfskin forms, which come in either earthy colored or dark, are progressively costly yet at the same time reasonable beginning at $49.95 (£44.95, around AU$80).

The cowhide and woven alternatives look unquestionably progressively formal and may suit a business situation more,

On the correct hand side of the watch show you'll locate the main catch. It would seem that a crown, yet won't turn and just functions as a catch to go through the menus on your wearable to see each of your details.

At the point when first utilizing this gadget we found it very weird to not have the option to turn this catch, yet once you become acclimated to tapping it you'll see it a straightforward method to see your outcomes for the duration of the day.

Squeezing it once will wake the little screen at the head of the watch face to show the time and with each resulting press it will show pulse, steps, separation, alerts and battery life, in a specific order.

This can get bothering when you need to simply observe the battery life, as you have to press the catch at any rate multiple times, yet it doesn't take too long to even consider cycling through.

Simply over the six o'clock on the watch face sits the rate number cruncher. This will go up the more advances you take in a day. In the event that you set your objective to 12,000 stages, it will show half done when you've arrived at 6,000.

This is an easy to utilize interface and you can switch your objective inside the application easily, so you're not limited to only one objective.

In spite of having both an advanced screen and a rate screen, the time is anything but difficult to peruse on the Steel HR. There's no second hand here, yet you have a moment and hour hand to monitor the time and that is one of the most significant things for a great many people purchasing a half breed smartwatch.

Specs, performance and fitness

The Withings Steel HR won't have the option to do as much wellness following as a ton of different trackers available, however it will have the option to keep a tally of your every day steps and constrained exercise schedules.

We attempted to utilize the Steel HR for a muscle building exercise, for instance, and it didn't screen any of the outcomes separated from the means we took.

In the event that you take a walk or a run, however, it's progressively helpful, as it will naturally start following your means. We saw the progression following as exact and it gave us fundamentally the same as results to what in particular we've seen from different gadgets over comparative separations.

The large feature of the Steel HR is the pulse tracker on the rear of the gadget. This sits without wanting to gracefully you with normal consequences of your pulse by taking it each thirty minutes.

It'll likewise persistently screen your pulse when you're working out to recognize how well you're doing – the entirety of that data is then accessible in the application.

In case you're ending up with an especially quick heartbeat you can likewise press the catch on the watch twice to have the option to see your present pulse.

We utilized this tech close by different trackers and had fundamentally the same as results, however you ought to never accept this data as 100% precise.

For the normal run or long walk, this nature of pulse following is a great idea to have, yet in case you're looking to exercise a ton or expertly you might need to snatch a legitimate devoted pulse tracker.

The Steel HR can likewise be taken in the pool, and it will consequently follow your swimming and give you an aftereffect of the lengths you've done inside the application. We haven't got the opportunity to evaluate this element, yet we'll make certain to refresh this audit when we've had a go in the pool.

There's additionally rest following inside the Steel HR, and the battery life on the watch permits you to wear it to bed without charging it each night.

This will screen how well you've dozed by taking your pulse and realizing the amount you've moved around in your rest. It's not the most agreeable gadget to wear around evening time, however it appeared to be precise in observing how well we'd rested.

There's additionally a caution work that permits you to wake up gradually with delicate vibrations on your wrist. It implies you won't need a morning timer to wake up, however the vibrations may not be sufficient in case you're a substantial sleeper.

App and compatibility

The Withings Health Mate application is one of the most helpful available in case you're searching for something simple to utilize and a straightforward interface to peruse the entirety of your details from.

This isn't intended for any individual who needs heaps of wellness highlights, yet it shows your means, rest and pulse subtleties in a wonderful interface that is anything but difficult to explore around.

Each time you open the application, you'll be welcomed with the Timeline area that commences with the means you've taken, that you are so near your objective for the afternoon and different details, for example, your weight or normal pulse.

It'll at that point follow with your key details from the most recent couple of days on various tabs. On the off chance that you push on these, it'll take you to another menu to see a couple of different details and full data on every one.

In the event that you've been on an especially long and exhausting walk, it will show up here so you can see your movement initially.

Under pulse, your details are taken each thirty minutes as a matter of course, so it will give you a valuable diagram to see where your beats were most noteworthy and whether there's a specific piece of the day that is especially extraordinary.

In the event that you have an iOS or Android telephone discharged over the most recent two years, you ought to have the option to combine the Withings Steel HR with your gadget.

On the off chance that it's an iPhone, you'll need it to be running iOS 8 programming or higher, while Android gadgets will work with gadgets donning Android 6 Marshmallow or higher.

There are a couple of Android telephone exemptions, which you'll have the option to discover here on the Withing's site to significantly increase check your telephone will be good. There's no help for Windows Phone gadgets or anything from BlackBerry.

Battery life

Just controlling a little advanced screen and watch hands is an exceptionally valuable component of the Withings Steel HR, as it implies it can offer incredible battery life contrasted with some different wearables.

At the point when you put the battery life on the Steel HR close to the outcomes you'll see from the Activité Pop or Go however, this isn't as noteworthy. Withings predicts the Steel HR will last you 25 days and we discovered it offered a comparable measure of charge.

It will rely upon the amount you're utilizing the pulse highlights, yet we discovered we could get a little more than a month of utilization out of a solitary charge.

In the event that you sit that close to the Fitbit Charge 2, which goes on for only three or four days, you will be very dazzled, yet it doesn't coordinate the half year in addition to consequences of state the Moov Now or even the Withings Go.

It's a lot simpler to energize the Steel HR contrasted with different watches we initially observed from Withings as it doesn't run off a conventional watch battery. Rather there's a charging cushion in the case of the Steel HR, so you can simply connect it.

The charging cushion in the container can be very disturbing however, as the watch is inclined to sneaking off during a revive, so you should watch out for it.

As far as energizing time, you'll discover the Steel HR will go from zero to 100% in barely an hour or something like that. It's extremely snappy thinking about that charge will get you through pretty much an entire month.


Pros Cons
Stylish design Expensive for a fitness tracker
Accurate heart rate monitor Limited fitness features
Easy to use companion app Less competitive battery life
Comfortable strap Inaccurate distance measurements


Not prepared to purchase the Withings Steel HR? Make certain to look at probably the remainder of the opposition out there, for example, these following choices.